Meet Our Partners

Meet our Partners who are helping to increase our competitions' visibility and believe in the work we do.


Venturesource is a free, open-content community resource center for social enterprise practitioners. Powered by Virtue Ventures, a leading social enterprise consultancy, Venturesource helps its users find practical resources; learn about social enterprise; share their own internal and unpublished resources; and collaborate to create new ones.

Civil Society Magazine

Civil Society Magazine’s mission is to show it is possible to build a profitable and modern media company, which does not compromise on the quality of information and serves the needs of the citizen and the consumer.


AVINA is a Latin American organization that contributes to sustainable development in Latin America by encouraging productive alliances based on trust among social and business leaders, and by brokering consensus around shared agendas for action, with the support of people and institutions from around the world.

Iniciativa Oportunidades para la Mayoría del BID

The needs of the low income population in Latin America and the Caribbean are so extensive that they require new investment approaches from both the public and private sectors to make a positive impact from which all will benefit. In an effort to find new market-based strategies that improve the lives of those who have been left behind, the IDB launched in July 2007 the Opportunities for the Majority Initiative (OM Initiative). By "majority" the IDB refers to some 360 million people - around 70 percent of the Latin American and Caribbean population - who live on less than US$300 per month. The OM Initiative promotes and finances private sector business models that develop and deliver quality products and services, create employment, and enable low-income producers and consumers to join the formal economy. This process in turn has a multiplier effect in stimulating overall economic growth and raising the incomes of this long-ignored segment of society.

Smowtion Media

Smowtion Media is an ad network, an advertising system born in web 2.0. Its network offers 32 vertical channels segmented by language and gender.

NextBillion is a website and blog bringing together the community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers and academics who want to explore the connection between development and enterprise. It is a discussion forum, networking space and knowledge base for individuals and organizations interested in the "next billion". Our goal is to highlight the development and implementation of business strategies that open opportunities and improve the lives of the world's approximately 4 billion low-income producers and consumers.


Empreendemia is a network where entrepreneurs can easily create their companies profiles, display their products and services and get testimonials from clients and suppliers, bulding their reputation. Instead of a regular social network profile, each user and company is identified by a business card.

OneWorld South Asia

An online network that brings together people and groups working for human rights and sustainable development from across the globe.


EmpreBiz is the first regional searcher that specializes in enterprises. Its mission is to contribute to generate and improve small enterprises by facilitating their access to the different resources they need for their development, and linking them to a network for the improvement of their business.


yMedia connects students, industry and not-for-profit organisations to develop and implement new media initiatives for collective growth.

The Social Technology Network

The Social Technology Network (RTS) gathers a range of 845 institutions among universities, NGOs, social movements, foundations, syndicates, governmental organizations and private companies. Their network promotes the sustainable development supporting a large scale and replicability of social technologies in Brazil. The RTS also works to stimulate the influence of Social Technologies in public policies to represent effective solution in terms of social transformation.

Agora Partnerships

Agora Partnerships is a non-profit, social enterprise whose mission is to fight poverty by unleashing the potential of developing world Small and Growing Business entrepreneurs to help solve economic, social, and environmental challenges. Agora provides impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets with the tools, networks, and financing necessary to launch successful businesses that drive change in the word’s most difficult environments.