The “Road Home” Charitable Foundation

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The “Road Home” Charitable Foundation: Charity program of JSC "Severstal"

Cherepovets, Vologodskaya region, RussiaCherepovets, Vologodskaya region; Olenegorsk, Murmanskaya region; Vorkuta, Komi Republic; Kostomuksha, Republic of Karelia; Velikiy Ustyug, Vologodskaya region; Krasavino. Vologodskaya region; Balakovo, Saratovskaya region, Russia
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$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
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“Road Home” is a psycho-social support to children, parents, families with children who are in difficult situations: free services of psychologists, lawyers, social and medical workers. It is implemented on the charitable funds of "Severstal", the Russian Government subsidies and grants Russian.

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If all children were brought up in a full loving family, they would realize the right to live and grow up in a family, as it is given in the Uni
About Project

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The "Road Home" foundation is working on a solution to the problem of social orphanhood, secondary child abandonment, delinquency prevention and juvenile crime.

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Programme activities are carried out by project basis. Currently Cherepovets is implementing 17 projects that work with children and families in difficult situations. Projects are developed to solve the key problems that lead to homelessness and social orphanhood. Systematic and interdisciplinary approach, the prevention priority over rehabilitation, relationship to the person as an individual, which has internal resources and rights to take responsibility for personal live - these are the basic principles of the program specialist. Customers receive free psychological, legal, assistance, and social support.The Program is facilitating informational and methodological support, developing charity, involving volunteers to the activities.
Impact: How does it Work

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Example: The project "Mlada". The project is implemented on the basis of antenatal and city maternity hospital. Professional psychologists, medical professionals, social worker who provide support and help to cope with a difficult situation in life are involved in the project “Mlada” . Its target group is pregnant women in difficult situations and women declared their intention to reject of a newborn baby. The project is aimed at the prevention of abandoned babies, to work with minors on the prevention of failures. 119 abandonments of infants have been prevented since 2007.

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The main results of the charitable program “Road Home”: -since 2006 the number of children in orphanages, decreased from 552 to 190; 5 of 9 orphanages have been closed -since 2009 724 children were returned their family of origin and transferred to family-based (foster families) -since 2009 the threat to life and health in relation to 3674children has been prevented -in 2013 in relation to165 juvenile offenses risk is decreased. -annually about 13,000 of Cherepovets citizen get expert psychological, social, material assistance and support through projects of the program The main results of the Programme in the regions of JSC "Severstal" -since 2011 64 children are transferred to family-based (foster families) -since 2011 in Veliky Ustyug "Social ambulance" service is created and the threat to life and health in relation of 207 children is averted

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Since 2009, the draft program "The Way Home" were discovered in the regions where there are businesses of JSC "Severstal". Further expansion of programs, replication of activities in regions with similar problems to reduce their severity is being planned now.

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The “Road Home” Charitable Foundation annually receives a donation from the company "Severstal", which is the main contributor. Other funds are raised through fundraising activities of the Fund, namely: from federal and provincial government subsidies, grants, funds and business organizations, as well as attracting private donations.

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In Cherepovets, these problems are handled by experts city social sphere : Social Protection Committee, Department of Health , the Department of Education of City Hall Cherepovets . In Cherepovets, there are several non-profit organizations dealing with similar problems , CF "Road Home" works in partnership with these NGOs. Core and basic support at the regional level is concentrated in CF “Road Home ." Activities Fund aims to combine these resources in order to solve one problem - social orphanhood.

Founding Story

The program "Road Home" was launched in 2006 as the personal initiative of General Director of JSC "Severstal" A.A.Mordashov with the support of the City Hall of Cherepovets and non-commercial partnership "Inter-Services for children and youth". The program "Road Home" is one of the priorities in funding charitable activity of JSC "Severstal". The target audience of the program are: Juveniles and their families in a state of social helplessness, difficult situations or social risk; and children left without care of biological parents. In 2009, co-financed by the Fund to Support Children in difficult situations (Moscow) program came to the territory of the Vologda region. Since 2011, the program is implemented in six regions of Russia.


The Supreme governing body of Charitable Foundation is the The Foundation Board, chaired by the Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs of Cherepovets. Executive Director of the governing body is the Director of The Charity Fund “Road home”. Team of the Program is build of 90 highly qualified specialists : psychologists, social workers , lawyers, therapists , health care workers who are regularly trained to improve their skills. All projects interact.