“Terminthos- Τέρμινθος”

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“Terminthos- Τέρμινθος” : Forage harvest of fruits of terminthos tree from Chios and Lesvos islands

Athens, GreeceChios and Lesvos island, Greece
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Forage harvest of fruits of terminthos tree from Chios Lesvos islands by women associations of the islands and production of oil which could become a value added natural product in Foods, Food supplements, cosmetics. Establishment of a net of education of women involved by students of Pharmacy.

About Project

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In Greece the unemployment to young women reaches 27.9-61.6%. Moreover biodiversity of Greek flora shows approx 5500 plant species, with over 1,000 endemic. The meaning of “Forage Harvesting wild food” is old and basic subsistence activity of humankind, but today as skill almost lost. “Foraging” could be the missing link in modern life, which could brings us to understanding nature and support financially vulnerable parts of population.

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Choice of a growing wild plant (Pistacia terebinthus) in the islands of North Aegean Chios and Lesvos (where the tree is widespread) and the education of women associations in the island from a group of under and post graduate students of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Athens. to create a human net for the exploitation of the nutritional value and development of commercial properties of the “foraging harvest” of the fruits of the tree (in food area, traditional production of oil, uses in cosmetics etc).
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Women’s Associations in Chios and Lesvos are active producing a variety of products [pastas, sweets, liqueurs]. The production of a unique oil from fruits of P terebinthus (a tree historically known since antiquity, called “terminthos” by Dioscorides) was an old tradition, as it was used in salads and to fry sweets (finikia). Since last decades this tradition is close to be lost. Recently, in Pharmacy of Athens this oil was preliminary re-evaluated and found very interesting. The knowledge of the oil production of terminthos has to be taught among women of these associations, so to be educated to harvest in proper way, while in its chemical and biological analyses, could enhance to the development of value added final products based on it.

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The main aim of “Terminthos” project is to improve the understanding of women, the forage harvests value. Moreover, to educate women especially young ones, from the area of North Aegean (Chios and Lesvos islands), through a net organized from a team of post and under graduate students of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Athens together with the participated “womens’ associations” of Chios and Lesvos islands, on the meaning of harvest of wild trees. Through the example of Chios-Lesvos islands proposal of “terminthos” project it would be the first approach of foraging harvest idea to be realized in Greece. This realization could directly enhance to support women improving their ability to co-operate and to create though this net relationships and better chances at their living areas, as well as supplementary to improve financial and social perspectives.

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In order to achieve sustainability with “Terminthos” we intend to pursue a diverse including possibly Grant from the North Aegean Region (Chios and Lesvos Perfectures), Donation fundings, Private companies interested in . A well-established program/structure/net of young women associations from Chios and Lesvos islands together with a team of selected and interested in, under and post graduate students of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Athe

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There are many companies which could have an interest in final products based on natural sources such as the oil from “terminthos” (such as Food companies, Natural products cosmetics, food supplements etc) .


Our team is composed by Prof Ioanna Chinou Dr Konstantia Graikou Varsani Myrto (postgraduate student in Pharmacy) Fouseki Myrto-Maria (postgraduate student in Pharmacy) Georgopoulou Adamandia-Maria (student in Pharmacy University of Athens) Christos Ganos (student in Pharmacy University of Athens)