abdominal massage as a remedy to girls reproductive health

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abdominal massage as a remedy to girls reproductive health

Nairobi, Kenya
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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abdominal pains affect many young ladies who go through painful menses that make many girls miss classes and experience a lot of discomfort. The problem complicates further with age as some develops fibroid or have dislocated uterus that interfere with their productivity. the problem can be remedied with abdominal massage that aids place reproductive organs in their rightful place and ease flow of blood hence reducing pains and allowing women to go through their menses with ease.
the project targets young girls in schools who will be given some guidelines on their reproductive health and use of abdominal massage especially for those with complex cycles. there will also be some short documentaries on reproductive health and how to carry out abdominal massage.

About Project

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There are many young girls who are suffer menstrual pains or experience irregular cycles which adds to their discomfort. some end up missing classes due to pains and live with pain killers. Some end up with complication later as a result of this whereby they either have a dislocated uterus or develop fibroid and other problems that hinders their productivity. Often the problem is not remedied till later stages when it can be contained right from the time their reproductive organs are developing at no cost. Most girls Kenya grow with little knowledge on reproductive health and it becomes very cumbersome for them to understand it as they plan their family. This has resulted to high birth rate and little understanding on methods of family planning and how it works. If they grow with that consciousness, problems of getting many children will be reduced and morality rate of women at child birth will also be lowered because complication will be noted and in a way addressed earlier. The project targets girls in secondary schools in Kenya and also in colleges. This is because they are still growing and developing and suffer much from this problems with when not appropriately addressed develop to further problems.

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The solution that the project proposes is the use of abdominal massage as a remedy to menstrual pains, dislocated uterus, irregular periods, and developing fibroid. It is innovative in the sense that this problem has been left to medicine and few have thought of it as a solution. The project is developing a do it yourself manual which is a manual that guides girls with related problems to massage themselves or through a friend and ensure that their reproductive organs are functioning well and appropriately. The project will also open a face book page to be shared with the girls and a website where they can learn more and share information with others. The project will engage the sampled girls from different schools in one area who will be trained and given the skills and manuals that they will use to disseminate the information to others as well as train other to be free and bold on reproductive health issues and learn the value of abdominal massage as a solution to reproductive health.
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Abdominal massage as a solution requires that the person doing it is guided to understand the positioning of the organs. Then the person is then guided on how to massage the uterus specifically to align the organs and to allow free flow of blood. Most women who get this done few days before their menses and during their menses go through the period at ease. The complication emerging such as fibroid and failure to conceive due to uterus dislocation

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There are very few people focused on reproductive health as the focus has been on providing sanitary towels to poor girls who miss school due to lack of pads. Most interest in reproductive health are addressed at a later stage especially in regards to family planning.


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