Academy of Modern Studies

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Academy of Modern Studies

Baku, AzerbaijanBaku, Azerbaijan
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Academy of Modern Studies-is professional education centre for youth , which's main aim is to prevent youth unemployment. After unique 6 month mentorship and 1 month internship 85% of our graduates become employed within 1st month.

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What if people learn practical skills instead of out dated theory?
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

During 2013 year more than 300000 new job opportunities were created in Azerbaijan and 50000 of them are managerial positions. Industry has a great demand for skilled employees while poor education system and outdated higher Education is not able to provide business with skilled workers. Youth unemployment is based on lack of knowledge and skills. Also university and other educational institutions don't provide couces on modern fields of study.

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Academy of Modern Studies is special education instituttion which provides its studens with solid knowledge and skills. During 6 month education phase students attend 810 hours of professional trainings by experts and 200 hours of individual mentorship on spesifics of choosen field. For graduation students should make at least 1 month full time internship. Upon graduation students gain required knowledge and skills which make them professioan and allow them work without difficulties on exact field. As an institution we also provide our students with assistanship at our carreer centre.
Impact: How does it Work

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Project was tested on 2 different group of students 25 in each. 17 of them eccepted for position at the companies where they passed their internships. 26 student got position in different companies within first 4 weeks and within 6 weeks all our students got job positions and 14 of them got managerial positions. 3 companies already requested establishment of programming course and they declared that they wish to accept 9 of our students for job.

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We are planning to have 240 alumnies on 6 different fields such as marketing, pr&social media management, sustainability studies, it & programming, business development & enterpreneurship till the first half of 2015.

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Now we are working on scholarship method as compaines pay beforehead for potencial employees to study at our institution. Tutition fee is the other source to guarantee of financial sustainability.

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Unfortunatelly there is not any competition as institution. Standard Universities which are not successful on educating people can not be seen as competitiors. Mostly companies prefer to educate their employees.

Founding Story

I'm 22 years old and I have worked in giants such as Carlsberg, Intel, Vestel. In all this companies I did suffer from lack of educated and skilled employees while almos all of my friends were unemployed. Non of them succeded at the workplaces. But once I offered my partner company to hire my brother. Who was greaduated from university with high marks and so on. But later on I discovered that he was fired just because he was not enough skilled on given field and knowled that he thaugt at the university was much more out dated than required. First I started to deliver mentorship to my brother, later on to my friends. Process was fruitful and then I decided to make it more formal and sustainable.