Adolesence Health Awareness Campaign

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Adolesence Health Awareness Campaign: Adolesence Health Awareness Campaign

Dhaka, BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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< $1,000
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The project is designed for the high schools student 6-8 in Bangladesh. Initially the area Dhaka school in Dhaka city is targeted to conduct this campaign project. Different schools in this area will be under the project campaign.About 100 student will be taken from separate school.

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During the transition from childhood to adulthood, adolescents establish pattern of behavior make lifestyle & choices that affect their health
About Project

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Getting through adolescence with all its life challenges and becoming a well-adjusted member of society in adult life is difficult enough, but for young people with disabilities the barriers can be overwhelming. The major issue here is that even young people with disabilities have needs in terms of Adolescent health information and services, but many are not reached by the limited existing services.

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For Solution we have to prepare an adolescent health profile for Bangladesh to assist in the tracking of progress and existing situation and trends of young people with disaggregated information on sexual and Adolescent health indicators. The specific objectives are to: Obtain disaggregated national and divisional health information on 10-14, Review the existing situation and trends of adolescents with respect to different sexual and Adolescent health indicators covered in BDHSs; and Assess utilization of sexual and Adolescent health services among young people.

Founding Story

Firstly for manage our campaign cost , we are the all member of Youth Psychologist Club donate 100 taka per month then The Hunger project Bangladesh helps us to initiate this campaign in different school.They help us by many ways.we initiate our work after Youth leadership training by British council and The Hunger Project Bangladesh.


Md.Mostafizur Rahman Co- Founder Youth Psychologist Club MSc in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Jagannath University,Dhaka He is a gentle and polite boy with leadership characteristic.Without his co operation this club does not stand in this position.Every spare of this club he helps unstopping way and all kinds of policy of this club mainly he formed.He involve in UNDP,UN,The Hunger Project Bangladesh and many volunteer organization.