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Alef - Act for Human Rights: Ta'o Ne7ke / Let's Talk

Beirut, LebanonLebanon
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$1,000 - $10,000
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“Ta’o-Ne7ke” is a training tool on inter-personal conflict transformation.
It is an innovative board game that uses role-play and simulation exercise with several scenarios of interpersonal conflicts. Its main objective is to empower youth to deal with interpersonal and intra-communal conflicts.

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we build peoples’ capacities to prevent, solve, and mitigate inter-communal conflicts
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The ongoing tension and intolerance within the Lebanese society reveal a persistent trend of conflict. The lack of reconciliation and the current political fragmentation created an environment of mistrust and hatred. This situation has deeply affected youth in Lebanon. Violence and clashes between groups from different communities is reemerging as many incidents took place in universities and sensitive areas.

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Part of the solution lies in involving youth in diversity management, conflict management, peacebuilding and human rights. Therefore this board game aimes at mobilizing, empowering and providing youth with opportunities to learn about themselves and the other and then to get involved in working with their own communities with a special focus on interpersonal conflicts. This game provides organizations and professionals, working with youth, with a spectrum of good practice and strategies on how to work with youth as partners ensuring full and equal participation; it also serves as a training tool to empower youth on how to constructively deal with inter-personal conflicts.
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"Ta’o Nehke” is an innovative board game that uses role-play and simulation exercise with several scenarios of interpersonal conflicts. Featured conflicts take place within 4 specific communities; a school, a university, a village and in a shared apartment. Ta’o Nehke is played by 2 to 4 players; depending on the roles in each scenario. The game is played in 4 rounds. In addition to the 4 built-in scenarios, Ta’o nehke can be expanded to include new scenarios through its scenario creation template, a unique feature which allow the young players to develop and play their own scenarios based on real conflicts in their communities.

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The main objective of this game is to empower youth to deal with interpersonal and intracommunal conflicts within their communities. “Ta’o Nehke” aims at: • Introducing youth to the skills of transforming conflicts in a fun and interactive way • Promoting a culture of dialogue, constructive communication, common grounds for living together • Promoting conflict facilitation skills among youth in addition to empathy, relationship building, active listening, nonviolence, and creativity This game develops Active and Focused Listening abilities. It has been designed in such a way that the players have to listen to each other carefully and connect with each others’ needs and feelings. There is no room for interrupting or taking over the conversation as speaking can only take place for a limited time.