ALQUAD - Developing new modules of calculations.

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ALQUAD - Developing new modules of calculations.

AccraAccra, , Ghana
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Many students in the High Schools usually complain of insufficient time allocated in mathematics and most especially calculation related subjects. This they add, contributes to their poor performances in such examinations.

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What if students could perform calculations in mathematics and related computations in a maximum of two seconds which usually consume about a mi
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The conventional methods of calculation taught in schools consists of many steps which consumes a great length of student's time coupled with insufficient allocated time in calculation related examination, students complain contribute to their. poor results.

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The proposed solution is a set a specially designed modules of calculation in mathematics and chemistry with the ability of enabling students to simply visualize answers in a maximum of two seconds without resorting to writing aids or calculators. This will enable students complete assignments and examinations on time and reduce thorough check up of answers by students.
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There are many high school mathematics and chemistry topics which require students to solve questions within limited length of time. The orthodox or conventional methods taught in schools are mostly lengthy contributing to more time spent on a single question with no validation of correct answers since it requires thorough check up to ensure no mistakes. A typical example of such questions in mathematics is determining the inverse of functions. Questions as these, require about seven or more steps coupled with thorough check ups to ensure right procedure. However, with the modules designed at "Alquad", students can simply predict the inverse of such functions with no need for writing aids or calculators. Our modules take a maximum of 2 secs

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As a result of Achimota School being my alma mater, students of the 2011 batch till date have greatly profitted from the power of these new modules of calculations. Students attest to the impact of the modules as fuelling their pace in mathematics examinations especially as they are able to simply predict answers to certain questions to which the new modules in few seconds and then proceed to other challenging questions. In the long term, not too distant future, i would like these new modules of calculations to spread across Africa and the rest of the World in order to assist many more students, increase performance, improve grades.

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These modules will be printed on sheets of paper. Module solution to particular set of questions in mathematics or chemistry would be released one at a time every six months. Each module shall be sold to high school students at a minimal fee of GHc1 or 50cents or 100Naira depending on the country of sale. Reaching out to more students in schools around Africa could accrue an average amount of $30,000 annually.

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Many science and mathematics text book or pamphlet writers usually design such writings to enable students work more examples in order to improve themselves in various subject areas. However, these writers also employ the same conventional methods taught in schools which most students find tough to grasp during classes hours. What is the guarantee that in working more examples in such text books, the students will get better at that particular topic???? My modules drastically reduces the time taken by students in working such questions to a maximum of between two to three seconds.

Founding Story

Volunteering in Achimota School as an instructor preparing the students for competitions sparked up the desire and interest to make an impact in the educational system. I realized the students took a great length of time to work examples to questions which were usually calculation related and yet many atimes got the answers wrong. These contributed to below par performance of students in the competitions. I thought of designing new modules of calculations which could directly predict answers in a maximum of two seconds without even employing writing aids. This i envisioned would excite students as they can count of a verified, much quicker method of computation.