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ANBOOBA: solution that uses technology to deliver the Gas/cooking cylinder distribution

Cairo, Egypt
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Project for solving the problem of cooking Gas Cylinders Distribution in the developing countries and help them in Urban development and slum upgrading

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you have a solution that uses technology to make the Gas/Cooking cylinders distribution easily in a cheap,speed and trackable way
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One of the biggest problems in the energy crisis in Egypt (and most of the developing countries) is the shortage and distribution problems of the Cooking Gas Cylinders. Hundreds of people standing in queues every day in front of the depots just to get their Cooking gas Cylinders resulting sometimes fierce fighting. Cooking Gas cylinders are filled with “liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)”, and it’s used in the purposes of cooking,

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using SMS which is very popular now you will Save time by ordering the Gas Cylinder directly instead of waiting a random seller to pass by Saving the time of waiting in the queues in front of the depots