Annapurna Smart Systems™

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Annapurna Smart Systems™

Mumbai, India
Organization type: 
nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$250,000 - $500,000
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Today more than two billion people are affected by malnutrition—both under nutrition and over nutrition—in developed and developing countries. It is well documented that those who struggle with poor nutrition suffer every mothers from womb baby cognitive development problems, are sick more often, are more prone to disease, and die younger than their nutritionally-secure counterparts.
World’s largest hungers destination for second harvest edible food banking network on Mobile No child should die because she lacks nutritious food. No child should fail to reach his God-given potential simply because he can’t get enough to eat. All time food Banking on mobile (ATFM) in creating a world without hunger.
No woman should lack Nutritious food in pregnant (beby development).and children’s should fail .prey to malnutrition and death. God has given us enough potential to supply sufficient food to eat .Please join our idea of Mobile food banking innovation and meal supply chain of circle information of your extra edible meal of home kitchen ,hotel, church, temple, wedding ceremony, events, kitty party and government non government’s firm canteen and caterers of ground and flights food deposit and circulations by our mobile food end to end information on every mobile and display on every public, private and government places spots in creating healthy next generation and world without hunger.


Big part of hunger is also contributed by poor parents. If they knew that they have nothing to feed themselves, they should not decide to have children that they can not feed further more.
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