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atempo - For Equalisation of People: Ready For Accessibility

Graz, AustriaGraz, Austria
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$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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"Ready for Accessibility" is a long-lasting network of municipalities and enterprises who create accessible facilities and services. The network members learn from experts, how to change their environment in order to establish the pre-conditions for the participation of disabled people in society.

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What if majors and manager are keen to implement successful accessibility solutions in their municipality or their enterprise and create million
About Project

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2 billion of all people over the world are disabled. Most of them live excluded, because those people who have the power to rule the conditions for inclusion in municipalities and in enterprises are not aware of the needs for accessibility and do not have the requested know-how to creat accessible environment or accessible Information.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The project is adressed to municipalities and enterprises, inviting them to increase accessiblity of their environment, services and products step by step. First step is the ceremonial admission into the network "Ready for Accessibility" where majors and managers sign their committment for sustainable change. Secondly they will be provided with an analysis-software which allows them to check their premises, products, services, events, information materials and websites in terms of accessibility. The software was developped by atempo and contains the criteria of norms as well as the expertise of disabled people. In addition the network members attend different workshops to improve their know-how and share their experiences.
Impact: How does it Work

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When enterprises and municipalities become members of the network "Ready for Accessibility" this incorporation is celebrated in a formal ceremony attended by the governor himself. Every citizen and every employee so can get the message: My municipality/my enterpris is aware of the needs of people with disabilities! For action and sustainable change every citizen and employee of the network members has access to the network workshops. There they learn about the needs of different disabled people and how to use the database to check their facilities. CEDOS network experts support the members to create accessible services and premises or to publish easy to understand information. For example:

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Up to now 80 municipalities in Styria step by step create appropiate basic conditions for inclusion. The project involves more than 1 million citizens, employees and visitors. More than 150 offers for cultural and social participation are well prepared for disabled people. They have been comprehensively checked and are presented on different public websites. Therefore those 37% of disabled people in Austria and Germany who would travel for Holidays, but until now could not do so because of a lack of offers, now are able to search the web for suitable offers corresponding with their individual needs. They enjoy accessible hotels, restaurants, leisure activities and facilities for the daily life and a welcoming attitude. As accessibility cannot be reached by one quick activity, the long-lasting network membership approach makes the big difference to singular measures and campaigns.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The project is spread out by a Social Franchise Model. atempo gathered 11 Social Franchise Partners in Germany and Austria up to now. They delivered more than 2500 analysis, workshops, consultations and accessible products. At the end of 2016 atempo wants to coordinate 30 Social Franchise Partners. They will serve 1.000 municipalities and enterprises as members of the Network "Ready for Accessibility" and train more than 10.000 people every year within the network workshops. The Franchise Partners will create 160 work places for people with learning and physical disabilities as experts.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

When municipalities or enterprises become a member of the Network "Ready for Accessibility" they pay a membership fee. In the first year the fee is higher, because new members need much more training and support, then they pay from E 300 a year up to E 1.000. Currently there are about 80 members which allows to finance the basic workshops, support and database activities without any funds. Therefore scaling up the network is Social Business.

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The particular items of this project are: 1) The sustainable involvement of enterprises and municipalities, because they commit themselves to be a member of the CEDOS Network "Ready for Accessibility" and go step by step in contrary to singular activities. 2) The database and workshops for the members of the network which allow to improve their accessibility-knowledge in contrary of raising awareness only. 3) The inclusive working teams which are successful because their members show, that people with disabilities can work as experts and deliver valuable knowledge for social development.

Founding Story

When Austria signed the UN Convention on the rights of disabled people in 2008 most of the municipalities and enterprises did not know anything about the duties and benefits of this milestone for an inclusive society. On the other hand municipalities and enterprises have a lot of duties to manage in different meanings. So not everybody can become an expert for accessibility. We recognised, that a simple checking tool could support non-professionals to analyse their facilities time-efficiently and properly. This was the moment for the database-idea. Furthermore we reflected, how we could ensure, that municipalities and enterprises keep to accessibility and created the network approach and membership as a solution for sustainability.


atempo has app. 80 employees. For this project experts for physical accessibility, easy to read information, accessible ICT, architecture, accessible media and programming of databases are employed, most of them full-time. The team is inclusive: People with and without disabilities are working together. Project growing is managed by the Social Franchise-System; experienced experts train the employees of our partners and coach them if needed.