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Baby's Space - A Place to Grow: Multi-Sensory Learning, Community Engagement, Baby's Space

Minneapolis, Estados Unidos
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$500,000 - $1 million
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What if childcare could offer strong psychological development support?
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Welfare to work programs offer little more than babysitting services. With insufficient staff and overcrowded centers, especially in lower-income areas, infants and toddlers spend hours in childcare that cannot provide the individualized attention critical to healthy emotional and intellectual development. Moreover, parents receiving government subsidies have limited bargaining power to advocate for better facilities. As such, children most likely to encounter stressful or traumatizing life events are left to weather psychological development on their own.

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Baby's Space offers state-of-the art childcare designed to meet the mental health and development needs of babies and young children exposed to the traumatic struggles of families in poverty. Developed with local experts, Baby's Space includes interactive spaces, mirrored walls, see-through platforms and banisters, gently sloping inclines, inviting crawl spaces, and cozy nooks that facilitate multi-sensory learning. In addition to the physical environment, Baby's Space provides relationship-based programs to promote healthy attachments between parents/guardians and their children, teachers and children, and even parents and teachers. As such, Baby's Space creates a neighborhood space that is simultaneously baby haven and parent learning environment.
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Through its interactive physical and emotional space, Baby's Space transforms early childhood development in some of America's lowest-income neighborhoods. Baby's Space keeps all infants developmentally on track, with 100% of its children prepared for kindergarten. Such success has prompted Baby Space's model expansion to fifteen childcare centers statewide, serving primarily Native American populations. Baby's Space has also expanded programmatically, developing a K-3 program for high-risk children. To further its impact, the program has also begun to educate mental health practitioners, to better understand the implications of 0-3 early childhood development.

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By focusing on the beginning of early childhood development, Baby's Space targets a population often ignored in both government and nonprofit programs. Baby's Space creates stimulating learning environments for infants 0-3 who live in lower-income areas, with even fewer access to resources. Moreover, through its population focus and community methodology, Baby's Space builds a neighborhood space that develop a culture of learning which facilitates healthy development for both children and communities.


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Early development help the children to develop there self esteem and become independent at early age. Child development is the child develop his mental and physical skills. Preschool provides nececessary skills to kids where they can learn various skills.