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BCFC Global Trust: The Billion Children Forest Campaign (B-CFC)

Dhaka, BangladeshCoxsbazaar, Bangladesh
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The Billion Children Forest Campaign was started with a vision to create environmental leadership to the global grassroots people so that a newer generation grow up with long term climate vision. It was in a very embryonic stage with a name the Million Children Forest Campaign from the UN, NYC.

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Develop a whole generation of global Climate Leadership based on folk wisdom.
About Project

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Solving the global demonic climate change crises is itself is the biggest ever crises. It is now blended with political crises and caused the globe to posed into a severe vulnerability. Uncaring the bondage among the civilization based on faith and love aggravated it into the further serious level. Isolated communities around the planet is an addition to the crises and bringing them into a concerted effort is a challenge ahead for the planet.

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Reconnecting a whole generation with the nature is the only solution left for the global humankind. To have it globally need to develop a generation of planetary dwellers with a vision to protect it. The Billion Children Forest Campaign (B-CFC) is dedicated to develop a generation of environmental/climate change leadership across the corners of the globe so that in the long run this young people can innovate and cares each other to save the humankind collectively. They need to be enriched with folk-wisdom to mainly understand why and how easily they can save this sickening planet and dissemination of environmental/climate change mitigation & adaptation knowledge and thoughts among the mass people through their children across the globe.
Impact: How does it Work

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Grassroots are the backbone of any environmental progress. Once the grassroots are developed with folk-wisdom based understanding solution comes without any troubles like red-tap. Knowledge and enthusiasm are to be developed among the community level leaders rather too much emphasis are given to the top-brass of the states. Therefore, understanding of the climate change and environmental degradation and its relationships with them in the field is the half of the solution. Our Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC) disseminated many crucial information to the grassroots people through the children reached their understanding rapidly and hence people in Coxsbaazar set up one adaptation school and formed a group called GREEN GUARD.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Long missed global environment/climate change/forest goal would be seeded in the thoughts of the people. People of all strata would engage them in developing the natural/forest resources as well the generated local level environment/climate leadership would serve the states, region and the whole planet. Usually people care their children. It is common phenomena in Bangladesh that people are careless in being serious about anything, but whence their children tell them they become over-serious. Therefore, creating an optimum level of awareness among the children tactfully so that it travels through the minds of the parents. Thus creating the global mass awareness is not difficult that is becoming difficult in the ways world is dealing with the crises. In our campaign we connected 200 children for our awareness, but now a whole village of 100,000 inhabitants along are careful.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Within a decade the campaign could be accomplished, but if the actors are more in number the impact at global scale could be achieved more earlier. Our campaign already connected more than 5000 people directly on ground and via social media and they now want to start the campaign in their own localities. If once the campaign can be organized in a single time in more than 1000 places around the world the impact and response would be comprehensive. Some partners like Google or Facebook can make it really fruitful and global instantly.

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From thousands of corners from across the planet thousands of people is spiritually already connected with this campaign and this ever growing size is itself bolstering and silently vibrant climate diplomacy for the Earth dipped with grassroots spirits. More the people are getting engaged, the more it is stronger and sustainable.

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There is many bigger and smaller organizations working on children with different geographical reach and locations. But our idea is with the whole children of this planet. Reaching every children of the planet under a single campaign is not common, but we dared to. Because it is now not essential only, but it is imperative. From bigger to smaller organizations and entities and individuals are our target to partner with us in a variety of forms. Nobody is excluded in the campaign, it is globally inclusive for every citizenry of the planet. So, the dream is bigger than the head to accommodate.

Founding Story

During the first ever campaign by me among the young people of the university taught me that the motivation and engagement in the environmental activities withered away once they are passed from the university due to their struggle for jobs and careers. Awareness among the adult get dried up more rapidly. Thus it came to my mind that something should be from child stage so that it is carried for lifelong. For tapping the motivation to carry it forward to the grassroots for long I developed this idea for the eternal benefit of the global ecosystem. I developed the idea of dissemination of environmental knowledge and its practical start with planting a tree that grows with the growing child. Now its a campaign going on and thriving further.


Currently there is more than 50 volunteers are involved in the campaign and a few thousands are spirited and had the membership via social media Facebook. They want to be the team members. Now as the project is growing, we feel that a global Trust is necessary to be developed to tap all the talents and enthusiasts with this campaign. Therefore, we need a funding support along with some organizations with us to spirit the global climate goals.