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Be The Confident You!

London, Reino Unido
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$10,000 - $50,000
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According to a study by Marketdata Enterprises in 2010, the motivational self-improvement market is worth $10.5 billion. This includes programs and services developed into books, CDs/DVDs, audiobooks, infomercials, motivational speakers, seminars/workshops, retreats, webinars, personal coaching, online education, websites, training organisations and more.

From this information, the need for my solution 'Be The Confident You!' book and the Kickstart Review service/program is evident as a worthy addition to this market. Consumers eagerly look for self-help solutions to their challenges and stay motivated with their ideas and goals.

The Kickstart Review is initially a complimentary service that helps to find hidden resources in a companies current marketing activities. The free sessions offered (one per registrant) is for interested individuals/businesses, to be conducted on a first-point-contact service.

It acts as a fast-track value-added review and with assessments, becomes the springboard for the registrants viable businesses ideas/models. With funding, the development and innovation arm of this solution can be developed and implemented via Mobile App versions to signees. This can enable better monitored research and results for a more sustainable service.

Mon 12th - Fri 16th November 2012 is Global Entrepreneurship Week. I will be contributing to users who will gain multiple benefits. Endorsements here =>

About Project

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A study in 2010 by Marketdata Enterprises revealed that the motivational self-improvement market is worth $10.5 billion. This includes products/services involving business/sales skills, opportunities, investing, improving relationships and general motivational through to stress management. 'Be The Confident You!' book is a needed solution based on empowering others ~ typically women, to breakthrough challenges that withholds their professional advancement to emerge as inspired, confidence induced initiators. As I'm the Amazon Author (book extract => ), this need was also based on my attending networking events. I noticed that some attendees were not enjoying the environment. When questioned, they revealed that they were not good at communicating and/or networking with others and so preferred to stay in the corner, or even worse ~ leave early. Engaging with others comes naturally to me, but was something that others found as a struggle, and I wanted to help solve this problem. Over 50% of event attendees feel intimidated at the thought of speaking/networking, let alone putting across their professional points to enhance their ideas/solutions re: marketing and promotions. The size of this problem is huge and affects individuals and entrepreneurs globally. It also affects employees who have to give presentations on a regular basis. From this knowledge, I knew that there was an opportunity to help plug this major challenge.

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Be The Confident You! offers one solution to the problem, although it is primarily a one-way information interactor. I wanted to provide something more dynamic, innovative and engaging and this project is a written demonstration of what can happen with the best resources. The Kickstart Review Strategy sessions are Customer Value Strategy Accelerators. They acts as a fast-track sounding board and implementation source for ideas from budding entrepreneurs and established businesses. With practical assessments, it becomes the springboard for their viable businesses ideas/models that are either profit or not-for-profit based. With funding, there is the opportunity to increase the innovation arm of my solution by providing Mobile App versions to impart and collate information from signees. This can enable better monitored research and results for an improved service. Marketing using the social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, LinkedIn has garnered the best results. It's extremely simple to make connections and exchange information pertinent to the contacts needs. From Monday 12th - Friday 16th November 2012 it is Global Entrepreneurship Week => . As a contributor my marketing activities will be conducted around this event, and beyond. My solution will be available to users who will benefit from being participants of this global event. Beneficiaries can utilise the service by initially signing up to a Complimentary session.
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The Kickstart Review service helps to find hidden resources such as additional profit, improved staff engagement and morale, stress management/relief and much more ~ in a individual or a companies' current marketing activities. The complimentary session of the Kickstart Review service will be conducted as a first-point-contact. Those who sign-up will receive a half-hour session by registering through Time Trade, an online appointment booking system. By attending via a voip system such as Skype or alternatively by telephone at the scheduled time, the beneficiary will receive a tailored coaching/advisory session specific to their particular challenge(s). Relevant solutions and/or further information will be shared that help the beneficiary in their initial search for help. The difference with this service is that it is not a 'one-size-fits-all', but a tailored strategy session to remove initial top level anxieties that will leave the attendee inspired to do one of three (1 of 3) things: 1. Implement the imparted information (post session). 2. Sign-up to a next step fee paying program. 3. Leave inspired, yet still choose to do nothing. 4 Bonus Gift: All booked participants will receive a free version of my book 'Be The Confident You! The Inner Battlefield To Clear Thinking And Straight Talking', as a thank you participation gift. With the best guidance, the beneficiary has control over their own decision-making processes i.e. their destiny. Those that have decided that they definitely want to make improvements to their current situation will implement the strategies and suggestions given. Here is a sample of the feedback received from initiating a session: “I really enjoyed the marketing strategy session. What I really got out of the session was a confirmation of what I do will all lead me towards my goal. I have to be consistent, keep writing educational blog posts etc. Now I am thinking on various ways how 'relaxation is good for...' can be communicated and am also doing research on the Internet. Thank you very much for your time and input.” Participant of 1-2-1 Marketing Strategy Consultancy

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My peers and competitors are one of the same and a few are stated below: Bernadette Doyle, founder of Client Magnets - a marketing and business development entrepreneur based in Ireland. Bernadette's target market is similar to mine. She provides many packages and services to prospects and clients who are looking for coaching or business development tools for their business. Linda Hollander, CEO of Wealthy Bag Lady - a Sponsorship/Sponsorship Marketing coaching service that holds networking events and expos to women in business. Her sponsors include well known corporates. Linda is based in the USA and has written a book called "Bags To Riches'. Richard Tan, CEO of Success Resources - a global personal and business development company hosting events with world reknown speakers and entrepreneurs. Richard is based in Singapore and travels overseas with his company at their frequent events. The main challenges they all pose to my success are that they have the capacity to promote and provide more established services to my target market, in solving their needs. My peers all started as small businesses, however with the right team and resources, their businesses grew nationally and globally. The benefits I gain from this knowledge is that they inspire me to do and be more than I already am. Being on their mailing list, I note how they engage with their prospects/clients and this is something to emulate and plan to develop even further.


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