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Bee-Circle: Products, Cashback, and Bees...

Lausanne, SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Year Founded:
Organization type: 
for profit
Project Stage:
$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Bee-Circle turns every single customer into reseller.
We promote viral marketing by giving cashback proportionnally to sells.
Not-yet-distributed cashback generates bank interests.
100% of the interests is donate to FreeTheBees, a Swiss foundation in favor of bees.

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What if every time we buy a product we get cashback and helped saving the bees?
About Project

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Client acquisition and customers loyalty, in addition to resellers margin and advertising campaign are the main concerns of our clients. How to be more efficient and have a greater return on investment? How to go viral? How to convert every customers into an active reseller?

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Bee-Circle proposes an innovative sales channel for resellers interested in viral marketing for accelerating their stock turnover. It consists in an e-commerce website where customers are given cashback proportionally to the sells. We figured out that proposing the same deduction to every customers doesn't help going viral, but giving more to deduction at the condition to "resell" the products to friends is much more efficient and satisfying for the clients. They can expect much more deduction and it definitly go viral. This way of selling also works offline while registering the clients on an online deal. Our solution is ready for the m-commerce revolution and even more. Adopt Bee-Circle for sales and be ready to go viral.