BWARE Water Meter

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BWARE Water Meter

Tel Aviv yafo, Israel
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Bware (Be aware) as the device name says is a device to encourage awareness.
Awareness is key factor in education to green world, as better we know as better we act.
The Bware device actually give you, the user, the freedom to act.

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we stay without water sources?
About Project

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Water is essential element in our life, we use it for drinking, cooking, washing, we use it in the industry and also for fun /-: But with the latest changes in climate around the globe water become something we need to evaluate differently.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Bware can help us the water consumers to evaluate that precious nature resource easily. We can learn how to use it accurately just by applying this small device to any tap or pipe at our home or office. By knowing the numbers (quantities we use) that appearing on-line on the device display we'll able to save water and use them wisely.
Impact: How does it Work

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First of all watch the that you watch it you can understand the impact of knowing the numbers. By knowing those numbers we will be able to cut our quantities and to say that we really save. Imaging using 130L at the shower (This the average we use today....according to some investigation we did!) Just cutting the running time of water use wont tell you how much you save or even if your manage to save something but checking out the numbers can proof to you that you did well. This is all about Awarness, Knowing=Saving. Bware we need to save!

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Since the Bware is a unique solution for water saving and adapt another method of how to save water we believe the market potential is huge. Nowadays when this issue become on the front page of almost any country (we can just see it by clicking in Google and search for the theme of water saving) we can understand the big potential of products in the field of water saving. One of our benefits is in the awareness and education to save water, The Bware can transform to a device that tells a child a story about using water wisely. Offices, Big companies which put on their flags the green symbol can adapt the Bware to show their involvement about water saving. Market researches shows growing numbers for adaptation of green products which help to improve environmental issues by costumers.