Cell Phone Scanning Devise

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Cell Phone Scanning Devise

Capetown, South AfricaSouth Africa
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Elevator Pitch

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At every big retail shop, we encounter a scanning device that scans the goods for its purchase price at the counter. Groceries are instantly scanned for the actual prices which are reflected on the till. This scanning system must be incorporated into the technology of each cell phones globally It wi

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This concept revolutionise the way we do business at retail shops?
About Project

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The scanning device does all the counting as it scans and add up the prices of each item. When completed the amount you must pay at the till points will be accurately reflected. You needn't worry if you don't have sufficient cash to pay. You take items that you can afford. The scanning device allows you to see in advance how much you must pay at the till point.

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The cell phone is doing the exact same scanning as is done by your supermarket till points. The figures you must have ready will be the exact same that will be reflected at the till. The customer is shopping in convenience because the cell scanning device is a blessing in disguise.
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At till points your items are scanned. If you don't have enough monies you have to put some items back on the shelves. This is 100% prevented if the customer can scan all items in advance before reaching the till points. The customer can now see as the cell phone scans and add up the cost of all items that they will or wont be able to afford what they want depending on the amount of cash they have in their pockets etc.

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This concept is but an idea. I am certain that globally consumers will welcome a Cell Phone Scanning Device as it will make shopping so much easier and convenient.

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Once The Cell Phone Scanning Devise is up and running it will generate more than a few billion Dollars annually and even more if you add up globally, and be a financial benefit for generations to come. This devise will be used on a daily basis.

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Founding Story

It is difficult to count the prices of each item so that you will have the exact monies ready at the till points. If you miscalculate you will be asked to take back some items. This is a huge humiliation and extremely embarrassing. This hurdle and personal experience has brought about the idea to invent A Cell Phone Scanning Device to combat this problem.


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Lets team up and fight to have a Cell Phone Scanning Devise as a future permanent feature on all cell phones. This devise will benefit our descendants for generation to come.