CHIJ OLGC - Detachable Magnifying Watch

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CHIJ OLGC - Detachable Magnifying Watch

Singapore, Singapore
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Japan has a huge elderly community, like most developed nations. These elderly will require such a watch to read time and use the magnifying glass as a reading tool.

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Elderly have weaker vision. Most watches for elderly are designed with huge numbers but it is usually too big and bulky for the elderly.

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A magnifying glass installed to a round plastic piece with a screw thread. This magnifying glass can be attached to most watches that an elderly prefer. This piece of magnifying glass can be detached and used for reading.
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An elderly, with a poorer vision, needs to read time like everyone. Time to wake up, to sleep and even to take medication. However, the elderly has no choice but to buy a watch that has a large face that was bulky and too large for him. He will prefer to use any watch of his preference that has a detachable magnifying glass to aid his vision.

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