Clean Our Water

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Clean Our Water: Clean Water For All!

Springfield, United StatesIslampur, Pakistan
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Clean Our Water aims to have at least one electrochlorinator kit to provide clean water at the center of every community in Pakistan. We aim to empower communities in Pakistan by providing methods of water purification while educating young changemakers on solutions to solve the clean water crisis.

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What if you didn't need to spend thousands of dollars on building a well, just to get clean water?
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The current problem in the region of Swat, Pakistan is the lack of water sanitation in the area. Even though wells have been made, and pipelines from streams exist, the water they are receiving is still unclean and unsafe to drink, yet the people there drink it anyways. Because of this, diseases like Typhoid, Hepatitis, Cholera, and Diarrhea appear. These diseases can be very dangerous for people, and without proper medicine, it leads to death.

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A new technology that was developed by the Homeland Security and distributed by Cascade Designs may be the solution to this problem. The SE200 electrochlorinator kit is about the size of a soda can, but it can treat up to 200 liters of water in about seven minutes. With these kits, I have been working with Hazer Gul, also of Ashoka, to create a pilot program in Swat to use these water sanitation kits to help that community. I also plan to teach a small curriculum at the local high school on water sanitaion. The class will be composed of: water born illnesses, benefits of clean water, and disaster preparedness. Hopefully these classes will be able to empower the youth of the community to become leaders and changemakers.