Cloud based medical database for the developing world

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Cloud based medical database for the developing world

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$50,000 - $100,000
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The computer system was designed for the computer novice and the non-English speaker. The drop down menus and built in dictionary of medical terms in the nurses native language creates a user friendly program that is adaptable to most rural and urban clinic settings.

The ability to aggregate social and medical data from these rural settings can not be underestimated. Our goal is to integrate this system to other non-governmental and governmental organizations for collaborative data collection. This database would provide accurate statistics on demographics, social behavior and prevalence of disease. It allows us to better understand and help the communities we serve.

We are currently seeking funding either by grant or investment to expand this program within our own organization and to other like-minded organizations. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at:
65 9672 4617


Veronica L. Ventura MD

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Our primary mission is to place clinics in government schools. Schools are the center for all child activity in the village. Thus, placement of our clinics in schools allow accurate statistical analysis of the communities children. Our primary objectives are to treat basic disease, promote school health education, rotate medical specialists and establish a training program for school health nurses

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Among our 5 objectives our most innovative is the creation and implementation of a cloud based medical record that allows immediate feedback to school nurses working in remote areas.
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Our nurses and schools are in impoverished regions without electricity. Despite that we power the computers with car batteries and access the internet through USB SIM sticks. With reliable connectivity the records are "synced" to the cloud for remote review. The immediate feedback to our nurses, who were previously cut off from prompt supervision, is invaluable.

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We scatter our nurses to the most remote areas of Cambodia. The distance between our clinics limited our ability for prompt review of patient care. Prior to implementation of this internet based program our staff would meet monthly for discussion. Now, our physician supervisors can review the medical record daily. This not only maintains quality, but also provides prompt teaching to our nurses. We have continued our monthly meetings; however, the internet based medical record has allowed us to use those sessions more for teaching new topics instead of correcting old habits.