Creating financial Independence for mental people

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Creating financial Independence for mental people : changing stigmas

Roodepoort, South AfricaJohannesburg, South Africa
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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empowering young people with mental disabilitiesby providing them with the necessary skills to embrace financial, physical and emotional independence and ultimately removing the stigma that places them as a societal burden and lesser human beings.

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what if mentally handicapped people can contribute to the main stream economy by either starting businesses and or through shelyered workshops t
About Project

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Mental disability as a health condition has been neglected in South Africa (and also most countries in Africa) with no proper support structures to help people affected with the condition live their lives to the fullest. Although the South African government education system has special schools for children who are mentally disabled, they only cater for them until they reach grade 4 (standard 2) which is normally around 17 years.

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to bring together youth with mental disabilities and provide them with various training programs to develop and stimulate them in different ways and prepare them for financial, physical, social and emotional independence. to provide vocational training program through which the students are provided with various simple skills from which they can develop a career and financial independence.
Impact: How does it Work

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Getting participants to be financially independent through running businesses that entail the things they have learned, one of our participant runs his own succesful business in Mozambique

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Community awareness has been done in over 10 communities in the westrand. Entrepreneur development in partnership with city of johannesburg has been done in over 10 communities in and around joburg. vocational skills gained by our participants

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

continuity of skills and development

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The products created in our training workshops are sold to the public under a brand named staunch. we also do exhibitions and sell our services to corporate compunies

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None in our area

Founding Story

When Meshack was a pre-pubescent boy in Snake Park, he had a neighbour named Hlehle. When Meshack’s mom had to go somewhere and leave Hlehle behind, Hlehle would scream and throw tantrums. Meshack became her de facto guardian, fiercely defending her like any older brother would. Hlehle was twenty-something, with the mental capabilities of an eight year old.I started an after-school tutoring programme. It went through a programme, called “Ragogang” where I met Geraldine Ntloko. She had just taken early retirement from her position as a teacher at an ELSIN school (a school that trains the mentally challenged and those with learning impediments). She knew she wanted to do something, and had come to us for assistance. When I met her, I was co


Noxolo Nobathane Sundile Zikhale Meshack sitoe MRS Jabulile sithole