Creative and Educational Association ISLAND

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Creative and Educational Association ISLAND: More Teacher Support to Break Rigidity

Warsaw, Polônia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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What if new teaching methods could transform student learning?
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Poland's education system places little emphasis on nurturing the individual interests and potential of students. With bureaucratic and formulaic methods of teaching, children's natural curiosity is suppressed with "read and repeat" formats dominating the classroom. because this method of instructions is so engrained, even teachers who would like to find innovative ways to teach have little support from administrators or school authorities.

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Redefining teachers' roles in the classroom, Creative and Educational Association ISLAND helps teachers move from being disciplinarians to become supportive guides in discovering students' interests and potential. With its local and regional educational centers, ISLAND conducts workshops and conferences, thus building a network of teachers eager to educate in imaginative ways. ISLAND also seeks to encourage other teachers to become invested in engaged learning, hosting regional and national competitions where children use their minds to problem solve as a marketing tool. SISLAND develops training materials, and student competitions to encourage creative, engaged, and open-minded teaching methods for student learning.
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Since its founding in 2000, ISLAND has become a ground-breaking organization transforming Poland's education system. Engaging 1,600 students and over 2,000 teachers in its nationwide programs, ISLAND shifts the conversation around learning in multiple spheres. Most representative of ISLAND's impact, however, is its constant expansion to include more programs that better serve its mission. Developing experimental curricula, problem solving competitions, public education counsels, education centers, teacher networks, professional development programs, and scientific camps all in just over a decade, ISLAND continues to push the envelope on teacher training in public education. Indeed, ISLAND's latest plans include massive national scaling, as well as expansion into Western Europe.

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Recognizing that existing education systems fail to acknowledge innovative teaching methods, ISLAND targets a gaping hole in teacher training, by helping teachers believe in the power of creativity in the classroom. Through its trainings, competitions, and support networks, ISLAND builds a community of teachers who see students' potential and are dedicated to cultivating it at school. In a disheartened environment where teachers lack support and vision to change their methodologies, ISLAND inspires and empowers teachers to change their classrooms for the better.