Creche Carochinha (Fairytale Nursery)

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Creche Carochinha (Fairytale Nursery)

Sao Paulo, Brasil
Organization type: 
nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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What if daycare could be transformed into an educational and developmental center?
About Project

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Emerging to support working class women, Brazil's daycare centers were modeled off health institutions and orphanages. As such, daycare centers focus on feeding and tending to children, rather than building an educational environment. Indeed, the majority of daycare children spend half their day waiting, neglected by overworked and unprepared staff. Such custodial centers fail to promote necessary early childhood development, letting children begin their lives behind their peers from other classes.

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Transforming the traditional custodial center into an education environment, Creche Carochinha stimulates children's learning through play and imitation. With diverse and engaging spatial arrangements and objects, the program builds a learning environment that puts children in control. Moreover, Creche Carochinha organizes children into small groups, so that their learning is also interactive, as they engage with group mates of different ages. By creating such a stimulating environment, the program also allows caretakers to more easily multitask, supervising children while continuing daily duties. To ensure proper implementation, Creche Carochinha also utilizes how-to manuals to shift caretaker attitudes, building awareness around childhood development.
Impact: How does it Work

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Creche Carochinha has begun to change the model of day care centers in Sao Paulo, shifting the focus from custodial care to stimulating learning. The program has designed curriculum for two different age groups: the nursery phase (up to 18 months) and the pre-school phase (18 months - 3 years). Both curricula and their associated how-to manuals for caretakers are currently being implemented in 10 daycare centers in Sao Paulo, where Creche Carochinha is directly training center staff. Moreover, located in the heart of Brazil, Creche Carochinha hopes to soon integrate into the city's and municipality's daycare systems, transforming early childhood development nationwide.

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Understanding that environment is a critical stimulant in child development, Creche Carochinha approaches space as a tool for creative learning. In doing so, the program puts children in control of their learning, allowing them to explore, create, and innovate on their own. While caretakers are engaged through how-to manuals, Creche Carochinha realizes that spatial environment is just as important as adult attitude in shaping children's learning and early childhood development.