"Cultivating live for a better life"

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"Cultivating live for a better life"

Caazapa, ParaguayCaazapa, Paraguay
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The main objective of this project Cultivating lives for a better life is to raise awareness among children about healthy eating and sustainable,increase fruit and vegetable consumption through building school gardens in schools,this will helpto raise awareness of healthy dietary,based on experience

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Good nutrition is essential for children have a proper growth and development and to study, be protected from disease and have enough energy for
About Project

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In Paraguay 25.5% of the population goes hungry each day.Chronic malnutrition affects 15% of children under 5 years,the effects of malnutrition are being devastating and irreversible.Children with severe deficiencies of nutrition from birth have a greater predisposition to disease and development capacity is diminished.It is undeniable that food insecurity is a serious social problem that leads to a heavy mortgage that conditions the future.

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Better nutrition means eating more fruits,vegetables,greater variety,and enriched supplementary school feeding for children,where school gardens can play an important role.The combination of Horticulture and nutrition education is demonstrated that there is a strong synergy between both improving the nutritional status of schoolchildren. The importance of the school garden is aimed at ecological literacy, livelihood,improving nutrition,nutrition education and preparation for active life, giving priority to education practice,integrates several subjects and their influence extends to the entire school,family and community betting eradicate hunger and food insecurity.This is the place where they get experiences in education food sustainable.
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The school garden coupled with nutrition education is one of the best pedagogical methods achieves students to learn about how to develop a sustainable food to achieve food security and also raise awareness about the importance of a varied and balanced diet.In the garden you can set a wide variety of crops such as: Vegetables:cucumber,tomato,lettuce,cabbage,carrots,radishes etc. Basic grains:corn,beans,peas. Fruit:Orange, passion fruit,lemon,melon,watermelon,bananas. Will be divided into working groups for better organization,students,teachers and parents receive prior preparation in order to motivate them to work in the garden,training for the cultivation and agricultural professionals accompaniment,gastronomic and nutritional.

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Students have the opportunity to communicate with the community to which he belongs,which prepares communication for better development of adult life,creates awareness of their rights and duties and blows it early to join the social group which it belongs.All this has an impact in one way or another on the social and economic development of the family,society and country.The major impact of school gardens:Specific vegetable consumption has a significant impact on the health of children,achieving eradicate malnutrition,improving the nutritional status and achieving long-term food security.Cultivation and garden food preparation in schools which increases children's preferences for healthy fruits and vegetables.Horticultural food crops,along with nutrition education,results in changes in feeding volunteers.The most important impact:Eradicating child malnutrition.Better academic performance

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For what a school garden to be sustainable, it should consider the following aspects: Create or maintain the school garden committee. Having training as methods of crop and agro-ecological care. Keep records. Plan to plant crops. Select a production of seeds for new plantings. Storing seeds for next year. Produce your own organic form inputs. Produce food to market in the local market.

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In Paraguay there is no initiative to use school gardens as a means of promoting health, preventing disease and as a means of achieving food security There are schools with gardens mainly in rural areas but not the objectives focused on this project, but simply with the intention to perform an activity outside the classroom, does not have as an accompaniment to food and nutrition education nor advice of one crop agro-ecological methods

Founding Story

I think the vocation of man on earth is service to others, I think we can all contribute to building a better world, and I think the oprtunidades are present and must be seized. A small action that changes the life of a person, together with another small action will generate major changes in society It is very important that these changes are related to children and essentially with their nutrition.