Deer antler farming for health of the Mankind

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Deer antler farming for health of the Mankind

Almaty, KazakhstanRural areas of Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada
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for profit
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$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
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Deer antlers are used in oriental medicine since ancient times. Antlers are a strong bio-stimulator, that start rejuvenation processes of all organs, and boost the immunity of the whole human body.
We want to make deer antler products accessible and obtainable for everybody. Health for the healthy.

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What if everyone had a lifespan of 120 years, having strong immunity and sound nervous system?
About Project

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Nowadays, more and more people all over the world, face new problems of the new age: low immunity, stresses, chronic fatigue. Almost all of us don't even realize, that there is such problem inside us, but do suspect, that something is going wrong, when you cannot work as much as you did earlier, get ill too often. These problems are rara avis for deer farmers and their families (over 300000 people), who face poverty, low-quality medical services

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Today, we have a complex solution for both problems. In the velvet stage, antlers of elk and deer have been used in Asia as a dietary supplement or alternative medicinal substance for more than 2,000 years. People of China, Korea and Japan use velvet antler products widely, in pharmacy and as a dietary supplement. Our company has our own dietary supplement production, based on deer antlers, and a patented technology of treatment, recommended for the workers of heavy industries. We have our treatment methods introduced in heavy industry companies of Kazakhstan. Development and spreading of deer antler treatment methods will cause a chain reaction in farming areas, developing standards of living for people not only involved in productio
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We had our velvet antler technology introduced to Titanium-Magnesium plant in Oskemen of Eastern-Kazakhstan, with more than 20000 workers. We put our treatment equipment in the medical and recreation center of the plant, and one group of the workers started receiving the treatment. As a result, the experimental group had 27% reduced morbidity rate, which reflected both in economic and social aspects. The plant had benefit from preventing the losses from the workers morbidity. The workers were happy to have some medical attention to themselves, and they realized, that their efficience rised dramatically. It is just one example to see the stats, but there are hundreds of people, who experienced an impact to their physical and mental health.

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Let me explain in this section, how do the antler treatment procedures work. The antler starts to grow in late April. In the end of the May, it approaches 1-1,2 meters high. Just imagine, what kind of regeneration processes occur in the deer body! When the antler approaches its optimal height and thickness, it gets cut by the farmers. Then, there is a conservation process, lasting up to 40 days. Then, the antlers can be used to help people to get back their health, fun and efficiency. Our product was used as a nutritional supplement in Kazakhstan and Russia space program, included in the onboard menu of cosmonaut Talgat Mussabayev and space tourist Dennis Tito. They rated our product as "a supplement with high adaptation qualities", so it made their trip a little bit easier. Now we want all the people to feel the impact of deer antlers.

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Today, almost all of the deer farmers of Kazakhstan and Russia face hard times, because of very dramatic antlers export price fall. Some of them went bankrupt, some still can cover their expenses. The solution we offer is used in several companies, but the problem is, that no one makes emphasis in marketing, and explanation of the usefulness of the product. When we start it, all of the farmers will be in profit. No one will need to export their goods at low price.

Founding Story

In early 90s, Mr. Nurlan Toktarov founded the company, privatizing the state deer farm. The company was export-oriented, and it had stabile profitability, as the price for the antlers was around 1000$ per kilo. Then, in late 1990s, the price fell from 1000 to 250-300$ per kilo, and it was very hard to sustain profitability of the farm. South Korean businessmen, the main importers, with their dumping strategy succeded in lowering the price, but made the farmers almost starve. So, we've started to search for new income sources, and found it in antlers nutritional supplements. Now we are a profitable company, selling our goods and services all around Kazakhstan.


Please feel free to comment and discuss this issue, i will be happy to hear all the opinions.
Yours sincerely, Aldiyar Toktarov.