Diabetes Tanzania

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Diabetes Tanzania: Protect Our Future

Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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DiabetesTZ is an organisation whose mission is to improve the health & quality of life of people with diabetes and to advocate on their behalf in Tanzania.

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What if mobile technology could be used to give symptoms of diabetes and save thousands of Tanzanian lives?
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We understand the fear and isolation that often comes with living with diabetes because we are an organisation that is managed by people who are living with diabetes. Access of information as well as wellness tips is not easy especially in Tanzania whereby over 88% of the population is considered living under a $1.25 a day. Thus DiabetesTZ is an information hub that will help Tanzanian's access information via their mobile phones.

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DiabetesTZ offers a range of education and support services to help people of all ages with all types of diabetes live healthier, fuller lives. We offer a forum to talk openly, share stories, and ask questions about diabetes without fear of judgment. Also DiabetesTZ Program connects people with a friend to support them on their journey with diabetes. DiabetesTZ blog discuss the nuances of living successfully with diabetes from our Type 1, Type 2, and Pregnancy Contributors. In addition to monthly 'Hot Topics' Blog to provide discussion on current developments related to people with Diabetes. Free Membership as well as subscription which entitles members to access to our monthly e-Newsletter, our Forums and wellness tips via mobile phones.