Door to door used kitchen oil collection

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Door to door used kitchen oil collection

Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaRomania
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My dream is to live on a planet where the term waste does not exist as it is turned continuously into useful matter. Our used kitchen oil is just the beginning as we can turn it into biodiesel and in this way reuse it as a sustainable source of evergy that we would otherwise throw away.

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What if we could invest every day in a green future!
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The used kitchen oil causes many problems as it pollutes water and causes death of marine life when it is thrown down the drain and on the other hand contaminates the soil if we choose to dispose of it by taking it to the landfill. If we use it as biodiesel we are protecting the environment and creating a better sourse of energy for vehicles

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In Cluj-Napoca we started collecting this oil like we collect plastic, paper and bottles. We give each apartment buiding administrator a 10 l bucket with a sealed cap. After the citizens that live there have collected this quatity they give us a call and when we have more orders in the area we collect them. All this used oil is sent in big quantities to Austria where it is procesed as biodiesel.
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In this way not only do we create solutions for disposing of a different type of waste, we give employment opportunities to the environmental friendly people as we always need an extra hand with managing and finding new people that want to start collecting.

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So far we have saved our river Somes from 600 litres of used oil from 50 apartment blocks and doorms all together. We have helped the Peninsula Festival become eco-friendly by not throwing this oil in the soil. We have given work opportunities to 3 students who in time will have a stable income from managing their database of oil collector. In the future we want of course to have contracts with all the bloc administrators from Cluj-Napoca and then spread in the entire Romania. In this way we could build a processing factory and save energy by transporting the oil on a shorter distance.

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This project requires time and hard work in convincing people to collect. The buget needed is for buckets, transport and oil storage. Also money for promotin would be needed but for the moment we are a group of 4 people who are going from door to door out of our free time and signing contracts. We are trying to acces some funds for promoting the initiative and we have a business angel who is helping us from time to time.

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Right now no one is offering to collect the oil door to door. There are initiatives from big Oil companies like Mol but they only promote the idea and encourage the people to bring it to them. In this way only the very responsilble ones will start collecting but if we continue our way people will see it as an easy and ordinary thing and it will become a habbit for them to recycle this type of waste.


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