Dynamo Art Factory, a project by Dynamo Camp

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Dynamo Art Factory, a project by Dynamo Camp: Art for health and wellbeing

San Marcello Pistoiese, ItalyItaly
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Thanks to the pro-bono support of well known artists, Dynamo Camp kids can express themselves through different art codes (i.e. painting, sculpture, film-making). This approach allows to transform the fear and isolation caused by the disease into a concrete and affordable object.

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What if a cancer became an artwork?
About Project

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Every year in Italy more than 10,000 children contract serious or chronic illnesses. They have to undergo long term and invasive therapies that force them to stay in hospital for a long time, thus experiencing isolation and fear. For this reason, their capacity to socialize with other children and, more broadly, to live with happiness is seriously compromised. At Dynamo Camp these children return to be just children.

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Fun is a serious issue. Dynamo Camp gives sick children the opportunity to spend a recreational holiday, completely free of charge. Thanks to a dedicated structure, which is located in a wonderful WWF Oasis, and to the constant supervision provided by first class medical staff, children suffering from serious and chronic diseases, mostly onco hematological, neurological and diabetes, can live an unique experience. Recreational therapy is a scientific method, through which sick children take part in an adventure, live and share unforgettable moments with peers and rediscover their own capabilities and resources. Everything is reached by individual effort and group collaboration both. Eventually, fun is the best way to feel good.
Impact: How does it Work

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"After the Dynamo Camp experience F. has gained much of the confidence in herself and in others that she had lost with her illness. She came home much more confident in herself than when she left and at last she can talk about herself and her feelings again - something she hasn't done for ages. Thanks to you I can hope that little by little everything can be the way it used to be "before" and, I assure you, it's been a long time since I've thought that." (letter from a mum to Dynamo Camp). The magic of the location and the children's energy and willingness to learn and experiment something new, meet the creativity of well known contemporary artists, resulting in a work that reflects the artist's style, yet adapted to campers' language.

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In 2013, Dynamo Camp hosted 1,200 children and youths and 200 families (parents and siblings). The most important and long term impact is given by the permanent change in the kids mentality and approach to life. More, the kids has the opportunity to come back to the camp up to 3 times and give continuity to the work. The artwork produced by kids represents their feelings and fears, they are able to keep it real and manage it through the art language. Since children come from Europe, Africa and Middle East the project has an international impact and it can count on the professional experience of well-known artist, such as Edith Kia, Valerio Berruti, Ozmo and Troilo. Moreover the impact is also very tangible, because the result is an artwork, produced after a stimulating process where children can freely express themselves.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

- Dynamo Art Factory has already involved 3500 kids from 2009 till today - During 2013 summer sessions, almost 800 campers took part to this project. Children come from Italy, Germany, Belarus, Latvia and Middle East - Dynamo Camp has already planned to increase the number and the countries of the kids hosted year by year - Art Factory is easy to replicate inside the Serious Fun Children's Network (16 camps all around the world) - Art Factory could be also replicated by those who already perform art therapy projects (with or without the presence of a famous artist)

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Dynamo Camp is the first Recreational Therapy Camp in Italy. This is the main competitive advantage. It can count on a consolidated network of hospitals and pathology/family associations, that help in defining the target (n. of children and type of pathology).

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Many other institutions and/or organizations are following the same approach, however Dynamo Camp is the only to be well connected with hospitals, patients associations,