Easy financial transfer

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Easy financial transfer

Kyiv, Ukraine
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Intellect Link is a comprehensive set of solutions for secure and fast financial transactions for banks and corporates. It is simple to operate, easy to use and cost-effective to succeed.

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In the business world today it is important to have reliable and secure network for sending sensitive business information as well as it is crucial to be able to process all the messages fast and easy. A lot of financial institutions face the problem of the difficult access to specific types of financial messages as well as the possibility that their message will not be acknowledged due to the wrong format. We are as SWIFT partners provide the IT solution that makes it easier and safer to make transactions. Moreover we are here to help smaller institutions to simplify the SWIFT message processing as they do not need so intensive transactions.

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Our web-based application allows operators to connect to the SWIFT network and send/receive files or SWIFT messages through a secured internet connection. IntellectLink supports all range of SWIFT Standards and can be upgraded with proprietary messages documents standards, and it will auto-generate user interface for entering and validating messages, while also using all IntellectLink functionality such as errors handling, transformations, etc. IntellectLink includes custom and standard validation and transformation services, which will validate and correct common mistakes, while reporting about other mistakes, or routing error messages to Modification queue, for example. IntellectLink has built-in service both in GUI and as a part of automated workflow, which allows to transliterate symbols using transliteration standards (RUR-6, RUS-6, can add others if needed). It embedded composed engine for automated transformation and routing messages from source to destination.
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Our mission is to help our clients - financial institutions and corporates - to improve their performance, increase their business effectivness by reducing operational risks, time and cost. Syntactic and semantic validation of messages is the best quarantee that all values comply with all the SWIFT validation rules. Intellect Link minimizes risks of SWIFT messages delay or rejection. Hints and included BIC directory makes it easier to follow all the SWIFT information according financial messaging. The immediate automated/manual upload of data into from Back office provides the basic integration with back office simplifying all the business processes. The most we value the success of our clients, for that reason Intellect Link has transliteration option: Russian (RUR-6, Rus6, UkrSWIFT) giving benefits into partnerships. Moreover Intellect Link is built-in middleware with user-friendly interface that simplifies the message processing as well as it follows 4-eyes principle making the solution secure and reliable.

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IntellectTechnologies is the SWIFT Certified Parter that provides mutual integration services of business applications with payment systems. There is number of companies that has similar expertise indeed we do our best to remain leaders. Intellect Link is the complex of IT solutions. Among our unique features are semantic validation and transliteration.


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What payment system do you use for business and how often do you need to send financial messages??? Our solution enables secure and fast message processing for all kinds of financial institutions.