Ecolabel, mobile app

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Ecolabel, mobile app

Moscow, Russia
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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Nowadays, we see prefixes like "eco", "bio" and "organic" on all sorts of goods, products and services. The idea is to create a scanner app to determine whether or not labeling on the product refers to certified ecolabeling, this way distinguish certified products among those of green-washing.

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WHAT IF people start making thoughtful choices is their consumation?
About Project

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There is an educational gap in ecolabeling, people are easily misguided by green-washing, obtain adverse products and are manipulated by those promising "eco" services. This, in return, lowers the trust to green merchandise in whole, so there is a need for educational work, there is a need to help people determine, whether or not a product meets ecological certification.

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A mobile app, scanner-alike, distinguishing labeling and searching it in the database. Provides info about the existing certifications, helps with making a thoughtful choice. Works on the same principle as QR-code scanners: consumer captures the labeling on the package of the product with the camera, the app quickly determines whether or not the labeling corresponds with existing systems of green standards.
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Imagine a person willing to change his lifestyle towards healthy eating, towards thoughtful consuming, towards supporting sustainable activities. He can spend tons of time digging through existing environmental standards, working on understanding which systems are present in his region, what are they related to, etc. We provide him with a solution which significantly cuts amount of time needed to create such understanding, provides actual and impartial information, and increases awareness in the sphere of sustainability and green business. We plan to distribute app for free in order to increase the impact.

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We are aimed at international market.