The Electric Jeepney (Ejeepney) Expansion Project

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The Electric Jeepney (Ejeepney) Expansion Project : Proliferating the use of Electric Jeepneys in the Philippines

Muntinlupa City, PhilippinesMUntinlupa City, Philippines
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for profit
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$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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INTRODUCTION The Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprises, Inc. (EVEE-I) is the project proponent for the ejeepney modernization program in the Philippines. It aims to replace ageing and dilapidated diesel powered jeepneys in the Philippines with electric powered jeepneys (ejeepney).

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What if all polluting Jeepneys in the Philippines were replaced with Ejeepneys?
About Project

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Pulluting, old, dilapidated Jeepneys which are the primary mode of public transport in the Philippines.

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Electric Jeepneys or Ejeepneys are now here to replace the old dilapidated, smoke belching Jeepneys in Matero Manila and the rest of the Philippines. We will field new fleets of Ejeepneys in forward thinking local government units and hire the drivers to make sure nobody is displaced. We will run the fleet efficiently and effectively to give the public a better means of public transport.
Impact: How does it Work

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In the City of Muntinlupa we were granted by a private development called Filinvest City the exclusive franchise to operated Electric Jeepneys to replace the illegal old 2nd hand shuttle vehicles that now ply their roads and serve as public transport. On December 17 we will start operating 10 Electric Jeepneys and slowly phase out the old illegal shuttles.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The Impact is a New and Modern Electric vehicle transport System Called the Filinvest 360 Eco Loop. Now the commuters in the area can enjoy a professionally run, clean, quiet and smoke free electric vehicle to bring them around the 260 hectare property. The system promises a 5 to 10 minute waiting time between rides unlike the old system which waits for the vehicle to be full before it runs, making it unreliable in terms of schedule.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The full impact will be realised when we replicate the same system in more communities, establishments and municipalities. Even just targeting a portion of the 360,000 old jeepneys which now ply the streets of the Philippines to be replaced with electric will have a huge impact on the worsening air quality of the Philippines. The Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprises, Inc. (EVEE-I) is the project proponent for the ejeepney modernization program in the Philippines. It aims to replace ageing and dilapidated diesel powered jeepneys in the Philippines with electric powered jeepneys (ejeepney).

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a) REVENUE STREAM : Overall, EVEE-I’s revenue stream will be generated from the following areas: 1. Fare Income – The daily operations will make the company highly liquid with its daily cash collections from passengers. 2. Advertisements – EJeepneys can earn from advertisements that can be placed or painted upon the EJeeps’ frames or roof 3.Sales Commissions: Supply agreements will be done for Batteries, and ev suppliers, and parts suppliers.

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Not only is there an immediate need to expand the use of electric vehicles in public transportation, there is also a growing need for even more public transportation service providers. The road network of Metro Manila exceeds 5,000 kilometers. Almost two million vehicles (buses, cars, motorcycles, tricycles, trucks, utility vehicles) are registered in the NCR, according to the DOTC Land Transportation Office, virtually all of these vehicles are traditionally fueled.All these vehicles are contributing to the pollution problem in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila with10M tons of Co2

Founding Story

Electric Vehicles are zero emission vehicles that consumes no fossil fuel and emits no CO2 into the air. The power is supplied by a set of lead acid batteries which are 95% recyclable. The ejeepneys are ideal during traffic and used best on flat terrains of urban Metro Manila and other cities. We envision the ejeepneys to replace a big portion of the more than 70,000 jeepneys in Metro Manila to modernize the country’s public transport system. Diesel-driven jeepneys, buses and trucks are responsible for 70 percent of black soot emissions in the urban centers. According to the Philippine Environment Monitor air pollution costs the Philippine economy about US$1.5 Billion (Php60 Billion) annually. Ejeepneys are the answer!


Atty. Leonido Bodie Pulido serves as President and CEO of the company. He is a practicing litigation and corporate lawyer who is a founding stockholder of Ejeepney Transport Corp. Bodie has vast experience in Renewable Energy projects.Director for MarketingRommel T. Juan is the currect president of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines and VP President of the Pioneer Electric Vehicle Manufacturer in the Philippines, Phuv Inc.