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Kampala, Uganda
Organization type: 
nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) is a youth oriented organization that works towards inspiring and motivating young people to achieve their dreams as they grow. RAHU has been conducting Peer led education sessions in schools, communities and institutions carried out personalities who young people look up to e.g. musicians, politicians, sports men and women. The following aspects are handled; Youth empowerment through life skill trainings and addressing, HIV/AIDS and its effects and goal setting and future dreams, drug abuse and dependence, sexual behaviors and reproductive health issues. This is an empowerment tool for the young people.
Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) has reached to 19 schools, 5 communities and 1 university have been reached with sexual reproductive health and right issues. A total of 12,813 young people, 5,414 boys and 7,399 girls were reached both in and out of school.
1. Set the Captives Free Orphanage home 21 29
2. Mbogo College School Kawempe 22 64
3. Midland High School Kawempe 331 431
4. Lowell Girls School Mpigi 321
5. Mariam High School 431
6. St. Gerald’s School Wakiso 71 50
7. Hana Mixed School Nsanji 342 204
8. IUIU Female Campus, Kabojja 320
9. Bethany High School 345 643
10 Atlas High school 234 312
11. Universal Girls School 112 456
12. Queen of peace Primary School 456 621
13. Brilliant High School 432 531
14. Hana Mixed School 313 224
15. Kisubi Mapera High School 757 542
16. High Field High School 612` 765
17. East High School 564 425
18 Bogolobi Church of Uganda 76 86
19. Youth Connect Confrence Tororo 653 852
20. Nyaka Camp Kanungu 73 102
TOTAL 5,414 7,399
The coming two quarters of 2012 RAHU will conducting the peer led sessions in the already done schools and more schools are being expected to be reached i.e. 40 schools both in peri-urban and rural areas and we expect to have reached young people between 30,000 to 40,000.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

To conduct peer education sessions that empowers the young people with life skills and knowledge on sexual reproductive health and future goals in order for them to make informed choices in life

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

1. To mobilize professional personalities to facilitate career guidance and peer counseling sessions 2. To enhance on the capacity of the young people to make informed and responsible choices and decisions in life 3. To enhance on the knowledge about future opportunities available to students through increased career guidance 4. To enhance positive living among young people through using positive young people in their positive testimony sharing. 5. Promoting the goodwill of SRHR youth friendly services amongst the young people through connecting them to SRHR services by use of referral cards.
Impact: How does it Work

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Reach A Hand Uganda is using a unique way of reaching out to the young people i.e. using young celebrities and Role Models they do look up to. These role models are in all categories or fields i.e. sports, Teachers, music, creative arts, entrepreneurs, fashion and design, politicians and so many others, Role models easily are openly reached out by the young people that have various issues on reproductive health and behavioral change challenges and issues. Media and Sexuality Education will be merged to enhance on sex education. In today’s Uganda many media houses and publications include coverage of Sex Education. Inclusion of Sex Education by Media is strengthened by emerging social media networks around Sex Education such as Face book, Twitter, SMS platforms and blogs. RAHU has greatly exploited these potential media by engaging itself directly or indirectly in educating young people on their sexuality and rights. RAHU shall participate in all youth activities ranging from games and sports, music dance and drama, camps, school visitations and galas. During these events Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights tips shall be disseminated to young people and this shall enhance on the peer led sessions. Using hands on activities like art and crafts, creative arts and many others to pass over Sexual Reproductive Health and rights information to young people.

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The sponsorship package of the peer counseling sessions will include branding on T-shirts, Banners, RAHU Website, Fliers and other items that shall increase on the publicity of the project. Sponsoring this event will strengthen the positioning of your brand within this target audience Media coverage generated by the events will promote your brand and organization Talking environments to be created at schools shall bare the sponsor’s logos. Corporate branding at the venue The promotion of your brand as a reliable community partner with a positive commitment towards youth development will be widely marketed Sponsoring the peer led sessions will directly and indirectly boost the loyalty of existing customers on your brand and plus it will win other clients especially those who fall within our target audience There shall be media coverage by the press about the project and partners involved in the project. During the peer led education sessions and camps, there shall always be brakes where partners will have chance to talk about their products and a question answer activity will be carried where young people will be rewarded using the various packages that will be availed by the partners.