Giving Hope to the Hopeless

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Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Nyeri, Kenya
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Recycling industry is one of the most encouraged, awarded and lucrative business venture. Ironically, the raw materials collectors who are mostly street children are considered outcasts and the poorest in the society. The industry is also an indirect beneficiary of child labour and youth exploitation. Middle men buy the recyclables at a throw away price and sell them to the recycling industries at exorbitant prices. If collectors were empowered, they would end up owning the recycling industries. In developing countries introducing professionalism in recyclables trade is one of the easiest method of reducing poverty. This is the only business that one can start without capital. Garbage is free, the easiest commodity to acquire and the recyclables always have a ready market. This project is assisting collectors form self-help groups to enable them benefit fully from their resources. Jijenge Sanitation Youth Group is a pilot project registered in Nyeri County, Kenya. This group has been in operation for nine months and has 112 members. They collect recyclables which include plastics, papers, bones, pet bottles, metal, polyethylene, electrical and electronic waste, repairable and reusable products, animal feed and also make organic manure which they sell to get an income. The group is managed by a team whose duty is to empower group members by assisting them pool their products in a yard, get a better market and sell them directly to the industries cutting the middle men.



There's something exciting cooking up! It's called social innovators mobilization project: a new campaign for a more sustainable approach of undertaking all our social innovation projects. A campaign for the many of us who desire a wider support base for our projects due to the reality that with each day we have people coming up with very good ideas to help the masses but at the same time these ideas never come to be realized since the organisational support for such an idea is lacking. One thing I have realized is the power of like-minded people working together as it is the backbone of most corporations. If you are currently unemployed consider your potential workplace, all the people starting from the CEO, at one point or another you went to the same classes with them and so though you went to school in different years, you are employed by your peers so why not begin early where instead of waiting for salaried employment you create the opportunity to generate wages for you and your peers?

Well, I'm hoping that by starting the conversation, we can find the solutions we need.

Will you join me or spread the word for others to join you and invite the rest of us?


Further details:
Most social innovators engage in projects aiming at social change but the problem is the mindset of thinking that the project you have is the main approach of effecting change. If social innovators could come together to form a kind of social network where like a well-run organisation then together we engage in each and every project with each individual having an opportunity to become a project manager then we can have well founded and established opportunities to effect change rather than the approach of individuals working on their individual project. We can work together and in the process learn from each other. So next time seek not to find people who can aid your cause but instead the people who you can aid their cause. So all you would need is to join a project and register your own under it this way we establish timelines within which your project will be undertaken. It is better to have your project undertaken after several years as you observe and learn from the project of others than to go at it alone, become frustrated and give up on the vision altogether.
This is inline with the actual definition of a social innovation:
A social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than present solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals.
Together we ensure sustainability of a project, the involvement of people with a similar mindset which will allow for the efficiency and effectiveness of the approach.
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