Great Baikal Trail Summer Volunteer Project

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Great Baikal Trail Summer Volunteer Project: In the Wilds of the Khamar Daban - 1

Irkutsk, RussiaBaikalski National Nature Reserve, Buryatia, Russia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Every summer, GBT leads 2-week trailbuilding projects in locations around Lake Baikal in Siberia, the oldest and deepest lake in the world. Volunteers help to construct and maintain trails, cook their meals over campfire, explore on their days off, and contribtue to local, sustainable development

About Project

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One of the main programs that the Reserve operates is environmental education opportunities for children and their parents. These outreach programs can last for several hours in length (as part of an interpretive trip within the Reserve) or overnight by camping along our trails. Many of these trails have been built in places that show off the best of flora and fauna to visitors, but continually need maintenance to make trails family-friendly.

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Our latest plans are to extend one of these eco-trails by another 6 km (~4 miles), so that it will reach a full 15 km (~9 miles) from start to finish. The trail in question will lead hikers up into an Alpine meadow zone of the Reserve. For this project, our volunteer participants will be creating a new extension of an existing pathway, as well as making improvements to the first stretch of trail up into the highlands.


The Great Baikal Trail team is composed of volunteers from the Irkutsk area, and we rely entirely on volunteers (both international and domestic) to sign-up and participate on our 2-week trailbuilding projects. Each summer project has a Russian-English translator, and we do not require previous experiences or skills to volunteer with our projects.