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BUEA, CameroonBUEA, Cameroon
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Providing a better study environment by making the search for rooms easy, in and around cleaning of Hostels and eradicating malaria in the Molyko Buea vicinity in Cameroon.
Buea is a town in Cameroon that inhabits about 40,000 students. But our students leave in dirty Hostels.

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We can have a company that cleans hostels and carry the dirt to the main way for our sanitation company to take it away.
About Project

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Project Idea or problem statement Hostels in Buea are owned by private individuals,and there is always scarcity since the number of rooms are limited. landlords for these houses thereby ask for a years payment upfront . The leaving conditions are so poor,for example landlords do not pay electricity and light bills for weeks and the worst is, the corridors and immediate surroundings of these hostels are very dirty. - See more at: http://www.change

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Creative thinking. My team and i want to engage in the weekly cleaning in and around these hostels with a small fee from the landlords. I want to be able to make available the search for a room or apartment very easy and make the payments also very easy through technology by linking with a free popular buying and selling website commonly used in cameroon called Sellamquick which will equally help us to sensitize students. Creating a database of emails and phone numbers of all students leaving in this hostels to enable sensitization during clean up campaigns. Create a liaison between my University and my enterprise for students to volunteer in cleaning. Provide a small service company to help students eradicate their dirt.
Impact: How does it Work

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My project is basically about making the environment clean,creating a better studying enviroment for students. There is a hygienic company in Buea called Hysacam, that carries all dirt along the main road, implying that only those who can carry their garbage to the accessible main way get rid of it. For all those leaving in the quarters and areas where the truck carrying dirt cannot reach, they simply throw their dirt over the fence or to the dirty bushes around. This is the fate that three quarter of the Hostels in Molyko suffer. Can i as a young social entrepreneur not employ someone to clean this hostels in and out, and device a means to carry this garbage to the main road for Hysacam to carry it away.

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At least 5 people out of every ten sick people suffer from malaria in Buea. malaria is a major problem in Cameroon due to dirt. If there is one last thing I can do for Humanity,it will be to fight against this great killer disease that brought sorrow to my family in 2001. I lost my cousin Awah Divine due to a brief illness from malaria, that was not detected early. From that day I made a vow to participate in all campaigns against the fight of malaria. Students spent weeks in the hospitle due to illness from malaria. The general view of some quarters are not the best. Sensitization campaigns will also help to create the awareness of no dirt. We also wish to produce a list of Hostels that take part in our clean up campaigns to institutions having freshmen, and a popular website which already exist in Buea call Wazahostel which helps students to search for rooms.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Presently, in my University as you can also see from my Bio, I am a student Facilitator of Volunteerism. My group is in-charge of Community engagement forums like clean up campaigns. With two of my close collaborators,we intend to sign a deal with the landlords and engage people to clean the inner part of these hostels,while we clean the outside through volunteerism activities. We are using and since they are free.

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The target market for this venture as already seen is the student Hostels in the Town of Buea. All land lords and Hostel Owners will know about this plan. The sensitization campaign will extend to other parts of Buea and even out of Buea, but it has to start in Molyko Buea, which has about 300 hundred student Hostels. Our approach to making students comfortable is different because, we do not only help them in getting good hostels of their taste, we equally help and play a part in the cleaning of their immediate surrounding, a job everyone believes is to be done by only the local council.

Founding Story

As a member of the student Government association in my University, Freshman students always run to us during orientation, to ask for advice on choosing hostels giving that some lack constant water flow, most are dirty and others lack a comfortable space. Our advice most at times is for these students to occupy the buildings closer to the road,which have water running constantly,and are preferably cleaner. But the hostels closer to the main road are very expensive and some cannot afford. The only way forward is for we the older students to take a bold step, doing something to eradicate dirt and gradually get cleaner and better conditions of leaving. I also made a vow to my cousin, to take active part to fight against malaria.


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Help me to create an impact in my community. If i can prevent even five people from going to the Hospital due to malaria, then i think my cousin and my community will be proud of me. May i not only ask what the Municipal council can do for me, i should be proud of what i have done to the Municipality.