Green Magnet

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Green Magnet

Algiers, AlgeriaAlgiers, Algeria
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$50,000 - $100,000
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To find a good deal such as : do ours weekly grocery online, 40 to 50% cheaper the marker, fresh products, list of available Bio product non available on the market, a new way that initiate actions of direct impact on the environment, change the consumers behavior for the best.

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we could change consumers behavior for both theirs and earth intrest ?
About Project

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1- People are buying food and vegetables for a non affordable prices as the product arrives to the consumers after a long chains. 2 - There is no direct impact on the population regarding the environmental challenges or the global worming. 3 - Most people care less about what they are eating. 4 - Those who cares ! can't find the BIO products.

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1 - Creation of a new food chain : producer / consumers 2 - Invite clients directly to adopt and participate to actions on the field and change their consummation behavior regarding the impact on earth. 3 - Invite clients to taste Bio product, visit farms and taste the source products. 4 - Creation of a chain of commercialization of traditional 100% bio production : Honey, vegetables, olive oil, .......