Greener Memorials

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Greener Memorials

Liverpool, United KingdomLiverpool, United Kingdom
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Greener Memorials is a unique designed remembrance memorial that has a lot of environmental benefits (I.E)
1) Made from recycled plastic
2) Eco-friendly
3) A lot more affordable
4) Easy to order and install
5) Help local councils reduce the plastic waste that would end up going to landfill

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Greener Memorials could have the potential to reduce are carbon footprint world wide.
About Project

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Greener Memorials are designed around using recycled plastic to produce a remembrance memorial that would last just as long as any other memorial. The plastic that would be used to produce my design is called polyethylene witch is used in around 72% of all plastic product. Its a fact recycling this plastic is the best way It is estimated that 66MT*6 will be produced on the EU market by 2020 and global plastic production could triple by 2050.

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My memorial would weigh around 2-10 KG per unit, with in each design there could be at least 80% + recycled plastic. In the UK alone there are around 560,000 deaths per year. If I could convince people that my design would offer all the same guarantees and high quality finishes that they would expect from a granite or marble memorial then the custom base that I could attract would be huge, whilst at the same time I could be re-using large amounts of recycled plastic that would help us reduce are carbon foot print. The UK mainly depends on importing plastic from overseas with almost half ending up in lind fill. The solution behind my design is to re use what plastic is all ready in the UK and put it to good use. I.E Remembrance memorials
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Landfill biodegradable waste including bio plastics, causes greenhouse gases and in the medium to long term is not considered a substantial waste solution 44% of Councils that have been surveyed are concerned that there is a shortage of land available for the future Energy recovery / Incineration The environmental performance of incineration of plastic waste depends on weather or not energy is recovered as well as other factors such as fuel quality. The environmental impacts of incinerating plastic waste (as for most solid wastes or fuels) can include some airborne partials and green house gas emission. Plastic waste in incinerators can result in net increase in co2 emission due to sustained electricity and heat production.

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I Have spoken with a representative from Liverpool City council who told me that there is 400 wheel bins that get disposed of each month. I have also been on a on site meeting with council members to discuss designing remembrance gardens with my memorials being placed inside the gardens. I have a local recycling company who will recycle the plastic products for me. It will create business whilst recycling plastic and benefiting our environment I intend to take 400 wheel bins a month of Liverpool city council and turn them into remembrance memorials that will be sold on for a fraction of the price compared to other stone and granite memorials, with similar guarantees. Once the council see they are tuning landfill into profit and creating jobs for many years to come then the long term impact could be massive for every council across the country.

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The idea behind my business is to use locally supplied recycled plastic that is a big issue for councils. The finished design will come in a number of finishes. All the memorials will be produced to a very high standard , I am also working on two other designs. I have receive a order from Liverpool City Council also I have also receive individual orders from local family and friends. Until i have the finished design i can not sell the product.

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There are 560,000 deaths in the UK each year Around 420,000 people choose to be cremated Greener Memorials will be the first memorial produced using its raw materials supplied by the local council. Sort term i intend to supply locally- Liverpool City Council, and all other local Councils Undertakers/ funeral directors I am setting up my own website at the moment to attract on line customers People know days are not as traditional as they once where. Also the price of a memorials now days is a joke Many different stone effects to choose from Pet memorials

Founding Story

When i was in HMP Kirkham i was attending my community service in a local church. We was doing all the maintenance around the grounds, my duty was to clean up the litter from around the grounds. As i was cleaning all the waste from around the place i noteist that there was a lot of falling memorials and damaged one's, also there was lots of plastic products been disposed of. That is when i had the idea that i was going to try and make a memorial out of recycled plastic? Since that day almost two years ago i have not stopped believing that my idea would be successful. I have dedicated my live to this project whilst meeting some great people along the way who have give me so much confidence and encouragement its kept me focused in life.


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I am interested in what peoples views are on the fact that my memorial is made from recycled plastic?