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DAVAO CITY, PhilippinesPANABO CITY, Philippines
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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HERMESS is our brand of bundled Software that allows anyone or any enterprise to receive data from remote locations or areas with the use of SMS(Text Message) instead of INTERNET CONNECTIVITY. HERMESS is capable of interpreting received data and manipulate it in such a way as desired by users.

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sms can replace or an alternative to internet when it comes to data transmission
About Project

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It addresses data gathering in areas without internet. Internet is expensive in countries like Philippines and availability in most rural areas is nowhere. Cost is another issue since the software only need an ordinary cellphone, no special hardware or gadget needed. it is Stable and flexible. Anytime you can switch network provider and signal connection is more stable compared to wi-fi. Communication with SMS is outright and it everyone has it.

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SMS is a very powerful mode of data transmission. Its only that people jumped to internet connectivity when it arrived and seems to under rate SMS as a form of connectivity. Only a few I've heard is really into harnessing the potential of SMS as a form of connectivity. We're not saying SMS is better than internet, the point is, there are connectivity issues that internet can be an overkill. what you need is just a simple data connectivity or transmission. affordable, stable and flexible. All businesses and all types of organization depends on communications. SMS DELIVERS real-time info.HERMESS is so versatile, simple yet very powerful software that relies on SMS. It can manipulate received data and can transform it to information or reports
Impact: How does it Work

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Our first client was a chain of bakeshop with 160 stores nationwide. The management used to get the reports of each branch every 3 or 4 days or 2x a week thru mail w/c cost them $25/month/branch. Manual Encoding of the received reports is another burden which is being handled by 4 dedicated encoders. Accuracy of the encoding is another problem since the reports are done handwritten. Reaction to problems or issues per branch is delayed since reports are only received and read every 3 or 4 days after the problem arises on each branch. The original plan of the management is to use internet connectivity but the following issues are considered; internet cost/branch/month-$60. installation fee/branch-$50 Hardware/Desktop computer/branch-$350

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With the deployment of HERMESS the impacts are :Reports are received and analyzed daily. Reactions and resolutions of all branch issues and problems are resolved everyday. 4 dedicated encoders were realigned to other functions. Reports/data accuracy significantly becomes realistic.-CRITICAL INFORMATIONS are made available. Not a single internet connection was installed. Not a single desktop computer was deployed in the 160 branches but just an ordinary cellphone that the management has already provided before the deployment of HERMESS. More to the delight of the Management, communications to all the 160 branches are sent simultaneously and instantaneously received owing to HERMESS INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION FEATURE. COMPUTER 160X$350=$56000 INSTALLATION FEE-$8000 MONTHLY INTERNET SUBSCRIPTION $60X160 branches = $9600 HERMESS MONTHLY RENTAL FEE -$700 ONLY ITS UNBELIEVABLE!

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The usage of the whole concept has a universal application since its primary function is communication or data transmission. All sector of any industry need to communicate as we humans... The Market is so huge that to consider projecting its sustainability at this point is uncertain. The scheme of marketing this concept varies per can be one-time purchase with maintenance contract...per monthly subscription or a win-win tie-up.

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I really haven't seen or heard one using SMS the way HERMESS is using it. What I am sure of is we have a better idea and better understanding of its applications. And we are very passionate about it. Practically, the main product here is the idea of connectivity using SMS...our Software HERMESS is a tool to received, translate and manipulate the data received. Also we believe that TIME is of the essence. We don't have the monopoly of ideas and knowledge... as the saying goes...STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!

Founding Story

As a Marketing/IT Innovator, he has set-up a number of corporations and held varied positions as President, General Manager, Vice-President for Sales Marketing up to the present. His passion for SMS(short for text message) technology started when SMART COMMUNICATIONS, a local network provider, introduce Electronic Loading System platform followed by SMARTMONEY technology, a virtual wallet used to send cash and payment system. Fascinated by this technological advancement in communications and commerce, Ness inquisitive and innovative mind began to work. First, he made his own research where text message came from, how it works and how it behaves. He is a Member and Past Vice-President of Davao Inventors Asso. & VP-Info. Comm.& Tech DAVAO