High Tech High

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High Tech High: School of the Future: Real World + Liberal Arts

San Diego, CA, United States
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$1,000 - $10,000
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What if students could gain real world experience and lead independent projects in high school?
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America's urban high schools are failing to educate their students. Especially for African-American and Latino students, high school is a time when learning stagnates, the achievement gap grows, and segregation of education dominates.

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Shattering the dichotomy between technical and liberal arts education, High Tech High offers a highly stimulating educational environment that encourages students to immerse themselves in real-world career experiences. Instead of attending regular classroom lectures, taking tests, and turning in homework assignments, HTH students spend four years working primarily on individual and group projects that provide hands-on experiences, and are complemented by academic curricula. With this model, HTH students prepare for the world of work, while surpassing traditional benchmarks of academic success.
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What began as a single charter high school in 2000 has grown into an integrated network of schools spanning grades K-12, housing a comprehensive teacher certification program, and a new, innovative Graduate School of Education, all designed to develop academic, workplace, and citizenship skills for postsecondaryd.

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Revolutionizing the field, High Tech High synthesizes previously separate reforms - thoughtful use of technology, mentoring, project-based learning, teams of teachers, and portfolio assessment - into one cohesive model. Developed from a lifetime of study and research, the HTH model brings the core of best practices to low-income neighborhoods to revitalize education among the underserved. As represented in its rapid expansion, the HTH is not only successful, but also highly scalable, making it a model to watch in education reform.


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Shattering the dichotomy flanked by technical and open-minded arts learning, High Tech High offers a highly stimulating instructive setting that encourage students to submerge themselves in real-world vocation experiences. in its place of attending usual classroom lectures, UK Assignment captivating tests, and turning in training assignments, HTH students use up four years working first and foremost on individual and collection projects that present hands-on experience, and are complement by academic curricula. With this representation, HTH students get ready for the world of work, while surpass traditional benchmark of scholastic success.