how can i do to have a prosperity government?

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how can i do to have a prosperity government?: Riqueza, el comienzo del camino

CDAD DE BUENOS AIRES, ArgentinaEstados Unidos, Argentina
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If the head leader of a poor country ask to anybody how they could solute the poverty issue, and they have a period on the government to solute it. I believe that the first step to solve the poverty is to assign and administrate the resources in an efficient way. Our objective is to establish a method so we can reach this objective. The method that we propose is to do an implicit agreement with the society (global richness) and to create a critical group of people who could agree with this arrangement and it well dispose people who are going to be ready to expand and take care of this agreement.

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Governing means to administrate laws and regulations through files. And the luck of social pact agreement don't aloud us to judge the good or the bad decisions alluding the arbitrary and anarchy.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The strategy is pedagogic and trough the diffusion of the social pact agreement classify the participants in structuralists, constructivism and apostolic. This ones are going to be our critical mass.

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