Immigrant Women Talk

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Immigrant Women Talk

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Immigrant Women bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the new country. They also have a huge potential to solve the problems back home.

Immigrant Women Talk is the place to get inspired by stories of immigrant women and to learn about organizations that serve women around the world.

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Immigrant women in the developed countries could use the resources available to them to improve the lives of women back home
About Project

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Immigrant Women are more likely to fall victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. Many immigrant women are educated, but they are still dependent on their husbands, can't fully contribute to the economy and feel disempowered. It's harder for them to find jobs and they are at risk of being sexually harassed at work.

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- Sharing stories of women who took control of their lives and used all the resources available to become entrepreneurs. - Free Immigrant Women Talk Community where women share the challenges they face and support each other. - I find and interview founders of organizations that provide solutions for immigrant women. - online training for members of the community
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I know from personal experience how important it is to feel supported by other women, to be acknowledged for your work and for the challenges that you overcome. Immigrant Women Talk Community will provide that and also support of experts on life and business issues. I search for all the organizations available online that help immigrant women to integrate into the new culture. I also look for organizations that support immigration and showcase the positive effect of diversity and immigrant entrepreneurship. I help women by introducing them to the organizations that encourage minority women to learn English, acquire new skills, get better jobs, start businesses, and join the communities of other women entrepreneurs in their cities.

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I've interviewed more than 30 immigrant women, leaders of the organizations that serve them and social entrepreneurs who work with women in the developing countries. My podcast Immigrant Women Talk is now on iTunes. I discovered that it was very emotional for some immigrant women I interviewed to share their stories. They mentioned that no one had ever asked them the questions about their struggle as a foreigner in a new country. I learned something from each one of my interviewees and it was really empowering for me, an immigrant woman myself. I hope it will also help thousands of other women. Immigrant Women Talk can make a change. Without an office or too many other expenses. I've done all of the work from home and the only things women need to benefit from it are a computer and internet connection.

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In order for me to work on this project full-time, I need about $36 000 per year to pay my salary and the expenses related to website, tech support and travel expenses to attend conferences and events in my field.

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I found a lot of amazing organizations that raise awareness about the rights of immigrant women and support them:, ,,,, Immigrant Women Talk will be working with these and other organizations to help immigrant women who are looking for business and life coaching. I have already started building connections with various organizations and I can see how we can partner up in the future to serve immigrants.

Founding Story

I grew up in a family where I saw myself as a person, not a woman. I thought that's how others would see me as well when I graduated from college: a young professional. I didn't know about the gender inequality or challenges that immigrant women face until I started living abroad. I felt disempowered by the limited choices I had and faced gender discrimination at the job market and in life. The problem is not in the lack of education or skills: I have a degree in economics and speak 5 languages. I traveled to Thailand and Philippines and was shocked by the way women were treated there and it strengthened my commitment to serve other women like me. I helped myself to feel empowered again. That's how I know that I can help others.