This Entry has been submitted. there is no charge for hope

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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Everyone should have a free shot at their dream. There should be no charge for hope. Does such help exist? You bet there is.

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what if there is no charge for hope
About Project

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In a world where communication and medias are often too impersonal, and seem to be a cacophony of jumbled information which is not always vetted or unbiased, we can feel overwhelmed with doubts or deceit when we need a genuine and impartial guidance for giving a shot at our dream.

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As each one of us is unique, from our way of thinking and tastes to how we can express ourselves, we must turn to an inspirational source of information and advice that truly caters to our individuation. was created as that there should be no charge for hope, in order to give people a fair chance to better their lives with their dream. The most precious commodity being time, it could not be lost anymore in surfing the net for countless hours to end in confusion: this free service gives you a personalized plan to reach your dream from tips to direct contacts, funky ideas, tools and even a zest of empowerment, all in 1 e mail!
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An example is someone that wanted to try to find a creative avenue in the Theatre world as they did study it. At the time, the person was depressed and living in a car in Colorado: did help that person and she did start to succeed quickly!

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All individuals that followed the plan to have a free shot at their dream (97%) did succeed to go nearer their dream or did grab it. See testimonials:

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The amazing thing of infogatherer is that it helped and can help people for free, to have a shot at their dream all over the world: mainly the USA/UK/Canada/Australasia via the internet and within 1 e mail sent to them with their unique plan! All is needed from them is access to the internet and an e mail address!

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This project has been financed by me, for now nearly nine years and I work Part Time. Only a Philanthropist that would sponsor or give to it would make it full time.

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That I know of and as quite some people told me, there is nobody doing that kind of mentoring service for people to have a free shot at their dream

Founding Story

I did it on my own. I had to think about a medium that would allow people all over the world, in some countries, to access my free service. The internet was it! All that was needed had to be a computer, an e mail address and a website as well as a competitive hosting service. The first replies from the people helped were astonishing and have been since. No search engine or question answering sites can mentor someone for their dream with a full integrated personalized plan from tips to contacts passing by holisitc references like I do yet.


Me: Mentor, writer, information/leads gatherer, philosopher on a Part Time basis as I am not paid doing that service. I wish it to grow but as it is such a unique consulting service, it is limited. Apart if I would devise a formula for people to do it on their own and that is very difficult as it requires also a very high level of intuition.