INJAZ Al-Maghrib

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INJAZ Al-Maghrib

CASABLANCA, MoroccoCasablanca, Morocco
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for profit
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Created in 2007, INJAZ Al-Maghrib has been working to deliver a broad base of entrepreneurship training opportunities to Moroccan youth through the school & university system. By working with local volunteers from the business community who deliver Junior Achievement programs adapted to Morocco.

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What if women become the solution of the unemployment crisis by creating new jobs?
About Project

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In Morocco, there are still great inequalities in terms of positive opportunities between girls and boys, with girls being significantly disadvantaged and this has a serious impact on their life. The unemployment rate is five times as high for graduates as it is for people with only primary education. The country suffers disproportionately from employment’s main curses: low growth, clogged labor markets, and a mismatch between work and education.

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The project offers multiple stages of the entrepreneurship lifecycle to students, (half of which are girls) during their sophomore and senior year and aims at training them to entrepreneurship through programs from Junior Achievement. Company Program opens youth to their economic and social environment and stimulates their entrepreneurial spirit. It gives them the opportunity to experience creating and managing a company under the tutelage of a mentor from the private sector. Start-up program brings students to launch their business by providing them with a mentor during 6 months. At the end of training, a seminary will be hold to introduce the junior companies to potential investors, business angels, and incubators.
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After beneficiating from Company Program, students will have the opportunity to join Start Up program: The selected teams will brainstorm with their respective mentors the ways in which their junior enterprise can actually take shape in the real world. They will discuss matters related to scalability, market acquisition and growth. Next stage will be to establish an achievable and meaningful roadmap with a clear direction for the next 2-3 years. The student teams will be coached to develop quarterly milestones to achieve the targets. Structure of the team will be properly laid with defined tasks and goals for each of team members. The teams will also be guided to include external stakeholders in the organization’s activities and funding.

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We wish to achieve the following objectives through the project: 1. Reduce unemployment in Morocco by encouraging Start-Ups, entrepreneurial spirit and even reducing the mismatch between the world of Education and the corporate/private sector 2. Imparting to youth espacially women soft and technical skills required to not only survive but thrive in the business environment 3. Facilitate youth access to smart capital to launch and develop their companies through the incubators, Business Angels and investors

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INJAZ Al-Maghrib nurtures its partnerships with every single member enterprise. In fact, INJAZ counts 75 partners nowadays who contribute to the financial and operational sustainability. Each member partner is responsible of a yearly fee that helps INJAZ finance most of the college and high school programs. But beyond this financial participation, they commit to provide INJAZ with a list of volunteers.

Founding Story

Morocco, Egypt and other North African and Middle Eastern countries have the worst rates of employment for young people aged 15-24 in the emerging world. These countries suffer disproportionately from employment’s main curses: low growth, clogged labor markets, but most importantly (especially for Morocco) a mismatch between education and work. A McKinsey report states that only 43% of the employers in the nine countries that it studied (including Morocco) think that they can find enough skilled entry-level workers. This results from the North African university education focusing on preparing their students to fill civil-service jobs even as companies complain about the shortage of skills.