Interlocking Soil Bricks-jkm

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Interlocking Soil Bricks-jkm

Kampala, Uganda
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Interlocking soil brick are made from local soil stabilized with cement or lime, they are dry stacked during construction and saves almost 50% The bricks are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

I opted for this method of making bricks from soil when I visited Uganda in December, 2010. The food and gas were at high inflation causing constant public demonstrations.

The government was blaming the people for cutting trees for use as fire wood, which caused severe drought and food scarcity I looked around then and I realized that the construction industry was booming and many people were using the burnt traditional bricks and many forests were being destroyed.

I made research for hand powered machines which could make bricks from soil, after months of searching, I contacted one company in China which told me that they can make machine of my desired specifications.

I have been advocating via local media in Uganda to embrace this kind of construction using ISSB which is good for the environment,reduce global warming, creates employment, use of available resources such as murram or laterite soil to make bricks so as to improve the standard of living and better condition of the local community