Issachar Club

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Issachar Club: A coat of many colours

Tshwane, South Africa Tshwane, South Africa
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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The Issachar Club is a project with the vision of impacting young people in South Africa. It aims to create an environment that works within the communities. It is an initiative that has it's full focus in striving to invest in future Africa through leadership training, mentoring & youth empowerment

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The widespread of a lack of patriotism among the young people of South Africa. Many of our youths are not bold enough to face the future let alone fight for it, personally and nationally. There is also a low level of leadership development in our schools and a lower level of youth empowerment in the communities so most young people are not challenged by the future of Africa at large and the nation of South Africa primarily. We are addressing that

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First we will reculture the young people through the investment of our personality by investing our energies to getting RoR Teevo daily devotional into schools. Secondly we will create clubs in those schools where they will receive training and mentoring. We will also organise work shops and programmes that will play a major part in leadership skills and training which will give guidance, wisdom and support in preparing for the future, the future of Africa. We will also seek out talents and develop entrepreneurs who know who they are. The solution is in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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Every Child is your Child. If we don't train and invest in the young people today, tomorrow the will be a burden on society. Imagine if the person you went to school with never makes it in life one day when you are not expecting he/she might be the person who illegally takes your car or visits your home late in the night. That is terrible. So the Issachar Club is investing in the young people today so that tomorrow they can be a blessing and of benefit to society, and Africa at large.

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This solution makes a difference in terms that the lives of young people are given a meaning, direction and dignity. Then they too can aspire to Our inspiration: looking out for a human need and reaching out to meet it.