Justice For Children

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Justice For Children: Children has the right to access justice to prove their idendity and nationality

Beirut, LebanonBeirut, Lebanon
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Each child must be protected by preserving his or her identity, and by providing appropriate assistance and protection for children whom are deprived of some or all of the elements of their identity.

JWF focus on protecting children by providing them free legal services and support.

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All children have an Idendity Card
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Many Children in Lebanon doesn’t have an Identity Card, because of the knowledge gap of their families about the importance and the legal steps for registration. It is important to mention too that most of those families are vulnerable, so they do not have money to pay for documents, and/or to nominate a lawyer and pay his/her fees and the case fees. And this problem escalated with the Syrian children refugees born in Lebanon.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

To solve this problem Justice Without Frontiers will (1) Print a legal friendly manual about how to register a child, what documents are needed for registrations, and will include forms of registration requests, as well as leaflet and brochures to be distributed for free.(2)Conduct a training session for 15 NGOs about how to use this manual, how to provide support for the children, and how refer families to our organization for legal support/or how they can support those families (3) Conduct 4 awareness raising session for 100 families about children registration at the personal status and explain the manual (4)Provide 100 free legal consultations,(2)Provide free legal support for 10 cases at the court . (5) Interviews (Radio, TV, --)
Impact: How does it Work

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Justice without Frontiers is receiving cases through its hotline or through the referring system from partner NGOs or courts or other beneficiaries. JWF’s lawyers provide the free legal consultation. In some case the lawyer assist the families in registering their children, and in another cases the lawyer is representing for free vulnerable children at the court noting that the case could run for more than a year. JWF is well known in the juristic services. JWF built a network of stakeholder and community leaders to insure children access to Justice. Through our work, we realize the need of our free legal services especially that the number of vulnerable is growing because of the political, security and social situation .

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Justice Without Frontiers succeed to sign MoU with NGOs in Lebanon to provide the free legal consultancies and legal support to their beneficiaries, and to cooperate in organizing awareness raising sessions to their beneficiaries. As well more families are awared about the process of registering their children in the personal status, and some of them are able to follow their cases in the court. More Chldren have access to Justice.Stakeholders and community leaders are awared about the children rights to get IDs and they are cooperating with us .The project need to be continued especially that hundereds of syrian children refugees were born in Lebanon and they are not registered we need to continue our awareness to raise this issue and to cooperate with the respected agencies and organizations and bar associations to insure protection and access to Justice to all Children.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

JWF succeed to establish a legal departement to provide the free legal services for children without IDs and their families, and to support those children accross Lebanon at the court.As well JWF build a network of lawyers and NGOs and community leaders to support the mentioned children and to raise awareness of their families. As well JWF is mobilizing the civil society and community leaders to insure children access to justice.For next few years JWF seeks to estabish legal clininc to support vulnerable children and provide them by legal-social support & conduct training / awareness sessions.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

To ensure the sustainability of the project, stakeholders and community leaders must be supportive to it and include this subject under their own agenda. Cooerating with Bar Association and training pro-bono lawyers will insure too the sustainability of the legal services. As well Training NGOs and raising awareness of families, women and children will insure the spreading out of the legal information. Using social media will bring benefits.

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Many organization are working in Lebanon to protect children, but JWF is almost the only NGO who is providing free legal services and legal support to children and families. Many organization are referring to us cases to provide them by legal consultancies. Even juvenile courts, religious are referring to us cases for vulnerable women and children. We have our specialized an trained pro-bono lawyers which can insure the continuity of the free legal services. We are providing too legal awareness sessions for women, families which other NGOs doesn't do, but cooperate to organize it for their ben

Founding Story

Brigitte start its social work since 1997 . She was one of the founder of the first organization dealing with combatting violence against women. She established the listening and counceling center and she were providing since 1997 till date free legal consultation and free legal support for women and children victims of domestice violence and whom are in conflict with the law. In 2005 she established Justice withoput Frontiers- a juristic organization which consist on raising the legal education of human rights, supporting legally the vulnerable people(women, children, families including men) and establishing a legal center to provide the legal services and having a complete staff to provide these services.


Director to supervise the work, follow steps, write reports/proposals. 2 Lawyers full time: To provide free legal support and assistance and provide awareness sessions. Media officer/part time: to work on social media, testimonies,newsletters.. Secretary:to follow the daily administrative work.5 pro-bono lawyers. JWF aims to hire a social worker, cooperate with legal aid committees at two Bar Asoociations, produce advocacy materials


Has anyone have an idea of a legal and social protection policy for children