Learning through play

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Learning through play: Learning through play

Skopje, MacedoniaMacedonia
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Most teachers in schools choose teaching classes to keep frontal, so students are unable to properly develop mentally and physically in one hand, and learning process becomes monotonous, heavy, nesvatliv, repulsive on the other hand. So it needs a new approach to teaching. Learning through play.

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Let's do a creative way of learning. Learning through play. Connecting and combining gym classes and math for example. Through a combination, students on the one hand will have fun, and on the other will learning. And what is most important to develop properly physically and mentally. Will develop flexibility and logic and creativity. Raising development thinking and intelligence.
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From Circle to Circle Has drawn 10 circles that are marked with numbers. Students need to jump from one sequence to another Circle and solve one numerical expression.

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impact positive on students who have trouble to mastering the curriculum material