LoveWorks Synergy Project Rwanda

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LoveWorks Synergy Project Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
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The LoveWorks Synergy Project is “A designed beauty of synergy created only to add, never to subtract by healing families of Rwanda through education, healthy living, the arts & sports training." The LoveWorks Synergy Project is an extension of Fruits of Hope Academy located in the Gisozi District of Kigali, Rwanda.Fruits of Hope Academy will be entering it's 7th year of operation in January 2013 and serves preschool - P6.It is the hope of our developers that the LoveWorks Synergy Project will continue the education of the Fruits of Hope students beginning at the Senior 1 level - Senior 6. The LoveWorks Synergy Project will be focused on providing superior education to prepare students for a college education but will also provide intense sports training for competition and Olympic hopefuls as well as intense performing arts training in dance, theater and music. The complete LoveWorks vision will not only benefit the children of Gisozi but the entire community as well.

About Project

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I will not waste time with flowery sentences or useless commentary as I need to get directly to my point. As you may or may not know Rwanda, a beautiful East African country suffered one of the words atrocities in world history in 1994. Over 800,000 Tutsi natives were murdered in horrid fashion and the country for a time was in utter turmoil and devastation. Walking the streets and witnessing the beautiful rolling hills of Rwanda shows no reflection of those times to the naked eye. The country is definitely on the upswing of healing and becoming a spirited and financially sound mecca for the continent of Africa. Who am I? Patrice Dorrall, an American and a lead developer for the LoveWorks Synergy Project. The LoveWorks Synergy Project will be a community built in the Gisozi Sector located in Kigal, Rwanda. I am an experienced educator and a school developer. The LoveWorks Synergy Project while including an education model is much more than that. In fact it will be the first International Competition Athletic Training &Performing Arts Conservatory Boarding and Day School ever seen in these parts of Africa. What a way to restore hope to such a deserving nation! I am sure as in many parts of the world there are hidden gems all throughout Rwanda & neighboring countries with gifts, talents and dreams of excelling in sports, arts and in what in many ways seems like a very vague and distant dream. LoveWorks will not only fulfill a need but will change lives and communities.

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Our solution answers many needs in Rwanda. A need to heal. A need to continue the building of a fast growing sector in the Gisozi community. A community which only 4 years ago was pretty barren and now boast new homes, church development and business expansion all led by the involvement of "community cooperation." A need to bring new innovations to education and learning. And a need to bring creativity, self expression and opportunity to the youth of a country healing from the genocide of 1994.Our solution calls for universal involvement and input.There are so many areas for involvement and expertise, ideas and resources to be utilized. Education, sports, health, community involvement, volunteerism, etc...
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The LoveWorks Synergy Vision is broad in what is offers but has a very common denominator of community development and "oneness." The complete vision is as follows: Secondary Day & Boarding School (S1 – S6) Uniquely Me Program (Designed for special needs children) Boarding Homes Staff Homes/Facilities Medical Center Performing Arts Conservatory Athletic Training Center (Gymnastics, volleyball, track & field, basketball, soccer, swimming, baseball, softball) Athletic offices Volunteer Homes Sponsor Vacation Homes Community Center (Conference rooms internet café, salon, fireside room, library, community leaders offices)

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Our biggest competitors will be in the education circle. Rwanda is earnestly attempting to improve education choices throughout the country and schools work hard at maintaining their student populations.


The LoveWorks Synergy Project is committed to raising up and molding young scholars, athletes and performers. We believe that there are young, gifted and black children throughout the hills of Rwanda who deserve and open door to a very bright future. We believe that this project will bring a new spark to a beautiful place! The power of one is good but the power of a "village" is ever -lasting!Please join us in this inspiring journey.

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The LoveWorks Synergy Project will be succeful. I have work for this project but some reason I had to quit. I am a college papers for some time. Thanks for aware of this project info