Lyari Community Development Project (LCDP)

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Lyari Community Development Project (LCDP)

City, Pakistan
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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Sabiha combats discrimination against women by nurturing their business ventures, empowering women to spearhead economic growth in their communities as they foster their own initiative and independence.

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the economic participation of women became the norm by combining micro-finance, education & group support w/ public awareness campaigns?
About Project

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In Pakistan, women who desire to contribute to family income—or to meet their own financial needs—face challenges including lack of education, stigma and limited options for transportation. Women who do work receive lower wages, confront harassment, and find little social support for their efforts. There is an almost absolute lack of access to financial, legal, or business development services.

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The Lyari Community Development Project (LCDP) provides poor women comprehensive systems of support for their business ventures. LCDP ties discussions on financial success to success in other spheres, including health care and children’s education, and helped women toward a healthy reframing of their lives based on new identities as entrepreneurs. LCDP recruits women who want to earn income and learn new skills, and enrolls them in a business creation workshop. Then, it guides her budding entrepreneurs in finding out the answers to classic questions like to whom they should sell, how to finance their venture, and how much of the price to keep.
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Every year, LCDP chooses roughly 35 business ventures to incubate each year, and this number is rapidly growing. LCDP has helped over a thousand women in Lyari to set up businesses.

Founding Story

Sabiha comes from an enterprising community in Memons, Pakistan. Combining family inspirations with her own interest, she started to volunteer for LCDP, and quickly found herself devoted to its projects for female empowerment. Since the late 1980s, Sabiha has been the head of the women’s wing of LCDP, serving the organization in many ways.