Marine Park Chalkidiki Greece

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Marine Park Chalkidiki Greece : Sea Park

Thessaloniki, GreecePotidea Chalkidiki, Greece
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$1 million - $5 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Marine park will be a place of recreation of culture but also knowledge, with parallel social offer and varied interests that will, satisfy each age and preference. Is great to gather money through joy and fun for people less lucky than we are.

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Finally, I believe that it is great to gather money through joy and fun for people less lucky than we are.
About Project

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The economic downturn in our country resulted in massive unemployment, increasing poverty, acute shortages in hospitals, forced migration of young scientists, inadequate funding of education and much more. Also there is reduced fishing catch in the Aegean, due to overfishing, and large quantiities of imported aquaculture products. Finally, tourism (the main wealth-producing sector), lasts only a short period of time.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

It is the best time to develop a sustainable marine theme park in the prefecture of Chalkidiki where there is a quite impressive number of 700,000 beds in hotels and boarding houses as well as more than 7,000,000 annually coming visitors. The park will contribute to the extension of the tourism season and it will increase the tourist arrivals. The park will create thousands of new jobs and will enhance the production of fish-juveniles for restocking of sea fish-volumes. The marine park will generate big profits, the total of which will become available to support our less fortunate fellow citizens, the hospitals and other healthcare institutions especially for children and the uninsured, as well as research programs on health.
Impact: How does it Work

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The operation of the Park will create new jobs, that will also include scientific and research personnel. Rather than migrating in search for a job, these people will have the opportunity to work in programs for replenishing fish stocks in the Aegean. Considering that the tourism industry thrives in Greece and specially in Chalkidiki, this sustainable development project will create high revenues and profits. These profits can in turn support our hospitals and healthcare institutions, especially for children and young adults, as well as provide comfort to our less fortunate fellows and the uninsured

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

The operation of the marine park will lengthen the tourist season in Chalkidiki and surrounding areas. It will become a favorable tourist destination for Greeks, and will contribute to a bigger share in the global tourism market. Theme parks like this, are a major tourist attraction, in the global tourism industry, with no other similar park in Greece. The guest will have the opportunity to experience the Greek culture, in exhibition rooms as well as displays spread throughout the park, which will be built and decorated with Hellenistic architectural principles.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The funds required for the implementation of the project will be contributed by charitable organizations and NGOs. With an estimated annual traffic of 8.000.000 visitors, a complete return of the initial investment within 7 to 10 years is expected.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There is no similar theme park in Northern Greece or the rest of the country. The area is a tourist destination that receives more than 7,000,000 tourists every year. The theme park will become a unique destination without competition. Tour operators can pre-sell visiting packages to both domestic and international customers, and these packages can include a variety of options, like daily trips and events or quality evening events like sound & light, or other happenings.

Founding Story

Living in a society which is plagued from increasing unemployment and poverty and its consequences, I felt the need to share this project not for personal profit, but for the society itself as I am member of it. Each government talks about the need for development in programs ESPA as well as for enormous allocations from the European Union, which are being absorbed by very few, usually well-off who aim only at personal profit offering few job positions with starvation wages. It is the right moment for an innovative social project to be financed, whose profit will be returned to and invested in society itself and will not be exported to Zurich.


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Chalkidiki 2000
"... Με τον καιρό να΄ναι κόντρα , είναι όντως τιμή να αρμενίζεις ..
Κι ας μην κρατά παρά ελάχιστα ..όσο ένα όνειρο, όσο ένα αγκάλιασμα, όσο ένα φιλί.
Έτσι κι αλλιώς, άσπρο μέτρημα, μαύρο άθροισμα είναι πολύ συχνά η ζωή.
Κι εξαρτάται πάντα από το τι μετράς κάθε φορά... για να μπορείς να συνεχίζεις, για να μπορείς να ονειρεύεσαι, για να μπορείς να γελάς... για να μπορείς να δημιουργείς "
για να μπορείς να αγαπάς ♫♪♥
Ο. Ελύτης

Subject: A proposal for the development of a sustainable recreational sea park in the area of Potidea, Chalkidiki, North Greece.

The marine park will be a place of recreation, culture and knowledge, to satisfy the needs of each age and preference, while at the same time makes a social contribution to the local Community.

It will be a pioneering project for Chalkidiki but also for Greece because it will combine amusement, knowledge as well as social benefits.

The park will be addressed to the domestic market as well as the incoming tourism. Latest statistics show, that more than seven millions tourists are visiting the region of Chalkidiki annually.

Similar marine parks exist in all the big tourist parts of the world for many years now, and they are considered as main attractions of tourists.

Living in a competitive world, the park could be marketed at tourist exhibitions around the world together with a better presentation of the Chalkidiki area in general.

In conjunction with national and international tour operators, an agreement can be reached, so that a visit can become a part of a vacation package, as a daily tour or a quality evening event, such as sound and light shows that occur under the citadel in Athens, Rhodes and a lot of other happenings.

In the marine park a visitor can spend an entire day, enjoying the dolphins’ company, while he or she can also learn how to swim with them. The visitor will be able to explore the secrets of the unknown bottom of the Greek seas, and learn for the habits of fauna and flora found there, with the help of specifically shaped reservoirs that recreate the Greek sea bed.

The visitor will also have the chance to swim in the spotless sea and be taught in water sports or even be trained from experienced coaches, in diving, skiing, sailing etc.

The adults will become children again by playing with them in spaces with swimming-pools as well as in the “Aqua Land”.

In the Aquarium, there will be a rehabilitation program for autistic children with experts from the area. Similar programs are already in action with big success in countries such as the USA and Denmark.

Enjoy the flavours of sea in diners or in fast food outlets and have a recreational time by hearing live music in the beach bars.

A visitor can also have the chance to learn about Greek Art , history, Aristotle who was born in Chalkidiki is the first person in the West who recorded marine life. His work, “Animal Stories” written in 350 BC, is still appreciated as scientific research today. and its influences from the sea, at specially designed art spaces influenced by the Greek architectural spirit.

The Aquarium can also provide a very important social service to the Community by cooperating with Universities and Polytechnics, in research projects and the production of spawn, while playing an important role in the enrichment of the Greek seas.

A percentage of the entrance fee, can also contribute directly in favour of a Foundation for an institution looking after young children.

It is great to gather money through joy and fun for people less lucky than we are.

In the marine park the following areas will exist:


Where Shows with dolphins and seals will take place …….
Optional swimming of dolphins with visitors …….
Therapeutic program for autistic children and other situations …….
Research areas for University and Polytechnic …….

Exhibition areas with the flora and the fauna that is found in Greek sea bead …
Production of spawn for enrichment……

Pictorial Exhibition
Exhibits from Greek Aqua life over the centuries …….

Aqua Land
Water games and swimming-pools for the amusement of children and adults…….

Water sports
With facilities of diving, water ski, windsurfing, sailing …….
Water games with banana, rings, parachute, sea bicycles, canoe ……

Organised beach
With umbrellas and deck chairs …….

Beach bars

Fast food outlets



Auxiliary spaces
Parking, locker rooms, storage spaces, first aids etc. …….

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